Alex Budris

First and Last Name: Alex Budris

Position Title: Digital Marketing Strategist

Hometown: Wildwood, IL

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia College Chicago

Work Background/ Accomplishments: 6 years of Digital Marketing Experience; background in PPC, SEO, Local SEO, Email Marketing. All roles had a strong focus in client service work, and within them, I was able to generate frequent contract renewals, as well numerous upsells. One of my most proud accomplishments was speaking at the Vantage Hospitality annual conference in 2015. I spoke to a crowd of about +100 regarding the benefits and importance of local SEO best practices.

Any Pets?: None

Hobbies/ Interests: I train in Muay Thai.

Favorite Chicago Bar/Restaurant: Finley Dunnes (best bar to watch a Blackhawks game!)

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Books you are currently reading: Win or Learn by John Kavanagh

Favorite Movie: The Godfather

Surprising fact about yourself: I auditioned for the lead role in the movie Almost Famous.

Why did you choose to work at Logical Media Group? The questions I was asked in the interview process let me know that the team was seeking someone with my specific attributes and skillset.

Describe your role at LMG/The Ocean Agency and what you enjoy about it: As a digital marketing strategist, I’m serving as a point of contact for our clients in addition to taking the lead on PPC optimizations, budget management, and providing suggestions to serve our client’s needs.

How did Logical Media Group impact your personal and professional development?  I’m excited to see how my career grows from within LMG. We seem to have a great team here, and I look forward to all the adventures to come in the coming years at LMG.