Amber Ratliff

Hometown: Digital Marketing Consultant
Hometown: Dexter, MI

Education: Most recent degree is my Bachelors of Science in Public Relations with a minor in Political Science

Any pets?: Back home in Dexter, MI I have two, 12 year old male cats, Sunny and Sienna. Here in Chicago I have a four month old male kitten named Walter Cronkite (yes, after the news anchor/reporter) and a five month old female kitten named Elsa (yes, after the Disney movie Frozen)

Hobbies/Interests: One of my favorite past times is playing paintball but that is mostly during the summer. Year round I enjoy reading, eating sushi with friends and spending quality time with my young cousins.

Describe your role at LMG/Ocean and what you enjoy about it: As a Digital Marketing Consultant on the PPC team I am responsible for providing support and leading client accounts. We work with Adwords and Bing search engine marketing platforms to help clients reach their digital marketing goals. We meet with clients on a either a weekly or bi-weekly basis to review past account(s) performance and the optimizations that we are providing in each account.

Favorite Chicago bar/ restaurant: Favorite Chicago restaurant so far is Bandera’s with the Grand Lux Cafe in close second

Favorite Sports Team: Favorite sports team is the Detroit Tigers

Books you are currently reading: Hearts Of Fire by The Voice Of Martyrs (real accounts of persecuted Christians around the world)

Favorite Movie: Anything with Johnny Depp in it!!!!!!!!!

Surprising fact about yourself: I have never had a hair cut in my life, I’ve been growing my hair out for 26 years

Why did you choose to work at Logical Media Group?:I chose to work at LMG because I was immediately impressed by the transparency and honesty was expressed to me all throughout the interview process. I also loved the fact that Chris O’Neil (our CEO) called me personally to offer me the job and learn more about me professionally. It spoke volumes about the integrity of the organization to me.

How did Logical Media Group impact your personal and professional development: Logical Media Group has impacted me both professionally and personally. From a personal standpoint, LMG has helped me continue to develop my own level of transparency and openness with people. I am encouraged by the level of honesty that this organization has and the level it has encouraged me to have in all aspects of my life. Professionally, LMG has helped me develop my ability to create client rapport. Logical Media Group doesn’t exist without its clients and each employee has a responsibility to develop client rapport and maintain those relationships. Since starting with LMG back in October of 2016, I have noticed my ability to create client rapport grow exponentially.