Jack Peters

Title: Digital Marketing Associate

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Education: Degree in Marketing and MIS from Augustana College

Any Pets: I have two dogs, Rizzo and Oakley. Rizzo is a mastiff mix and Oakley is a saint bernard.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy playing and watching sports. I love hockey, lacrosse, football, and baseball!

Describe your role at LMG/Ocean and what you enjoy about it: I work on both the PPC side and the SEO side assisting teams with campaign optimization and reporting.

Favorite Chicago bar/restaurant: Sluggers. Who doesn’t love to drink and take batting practice all in the same place!

Favorite Sports Team: The Chicago Cubs

Books you are currently reading: The Perfect Bet: How Science and Math Are Taking the Luck Out of gambling.

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans

Surprising Fact About Yourself: I am the head coach of the JV Lacrosse team at Maine South High School

Why did you choose to work at Logical Media Group: There were two reasons why I chose to work at logical media group. The first reason was because of the amazing people who work at this company. Everyone who works here is extremely welcoming and continued to encourage and guide me through a lot of my work. It’s nice knowing that you can go to anyone for help or ideas at any time. The second reason was the work that is produced here at Logical Media Group. I have never worked at another agency that works so hard and goes to such great lengths to make sure that the client is getting the best from their campaigns.

How did Logical Media Group impact your personal and professional development: Logical Media Group has helped me grow as a professional by giving me skills that I did not obtain while working at previous agencies. On top of these professional skills, I have grown on a personal level by meeting and making new friends!