10 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Amazon Advertising

With the recent Facebook algorithm debacle, many brands have started using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to find their audience. Google and social media PPC have been around for years. They’re an affordable and highly measurable way to put your product in front of new eyeballs.

However, things are shaking up in the competitive PPC world. There’s a new player on the field with the chops to throw Google and Facebook a major curveball: Amazon. Learn more about Amazon Advertising, and why it’s a great option for any brand’s PPC portfolio.

To fully understand the extent of Amazon’s new advertising platform, we have to consider its competitors. Facebook and Google currently own 56.8% of the digital ad market, while Amazon clocks in at 2.7%. However, projections estimate Amazon’s market share is set to rise as its advertising options become more popular.

10 Reasons To Use Amazon Advertising

Amazon is bringing new and exciting things to the table for PPC. It’s clear they’re giving competitors Google and Facebook a run for their money. But how does Amazon’s entry into PPC affect brands and business owners? Check out our top ten reasons that you need to use Amazon Advertising to grow your business.

1) It’s simple

This is such a huge differentiator. Facebook Ads started off as a simple platform, but has since gotten increasingly complicated as they’ve added features. Google Adwords, while an amazing option for PPC, is so complex that Google recommends becoming Adwords Certified to use the platform effectively.

Although there’s a learning curve with any new online platform, Amazon designed Amazon Advertising to be beginner-friendly. Simply create a campaign type, choosing from sponsored products, headline search, or product display. Add your keywords, bids, and campaign dates to start your campaign.

Amazon Advertising does have more advanced features, particularly when it comes to keywords and targeting. We encourage you to learn the more advanced options over time, but if you’re a PPC first-timer, Amazon is perfect.

2) Purchase-ready audience

Millions of people shop on Amazon every day. Amazon has a leg up on other PPC platforms because its users are ready to buy. Amazon is still first and foremost an online retailer, after all. In fact, some Amazon advertisers say they see conversion rates that are ten times higher than other PPC platforms, thanks to Amazon’s buy-now culture.

Amazon users also tend to use more long tail keywords. For example, a Google user might search for “high heels,” while an Amazon user would search for “size 8 red high heels.” There’s no guarantee that the Google user is searching for shoes to purchase, but there is a much higher guarantee with the Amazon user. The Amazon user also knows exactly what they want and use long tail keywords, which help advertisers keep costs low and conversion rates high.

3) Increase app downloads

Amazon Advertising isn’t just for selling sweatshirts and cat mugs. You can create campaigns inviting Amazon users to download your app. Amazon pushes these ads to millions of users on Amazon Fire and Android devices. While you can also advertise app downloads with other PPC platforms, it’s a real advantage to reach these users directly on their devices. If you want to advertise your app for as little as five cents per click, Amazon is right for you.

4) Boost your book sales

Thousands of authors choose to publish their books on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Amazon’s PPC platform lets you advertise your book next to related titles and authors in a similar category. You can even feature new book releases as soon as they publish to ramp up sales. Amazon not only lets you target readers by keywords, products, or interests, but also genres, titles, and authors. If you’re looking for a platform that sells books like hotcakes, Amazon is where it’s at.

5) Unrivaled behavior insights

Because Amazon is primarily a shopping hub, it has rich customer data and behavioral insights that other PPC platforms simply can’t offer. Amazon is more intune with consumer habits and the purchasing process.

For example, Facebook Ads can measure clicks and conversions, but it can’t optimize your ads for sales based on user behavior. You can do that as an account manager, but the process is tedious and requires research. Amazon doesn’t have to estimate or guess if your ad will appeal to an audience; they already know, thanks to their incredibly well-rounded view of a customer.

6) Your ads go beyond Amazon

The best thing about Amazon Advertising is that it doesn’t just place your ad on Amazon. You can direct traffic to an offsite URL through Amazon Advertising, just as you can with other PPC platforms. This offsite network lets you bring traffic to non-Amazon URLs, making this service significantly more valuable and on-par with its competitors.

This is a great option if you happen to use Amazon Advertising for your Amazon products but want to expand your brand presence elsewhere. Amazon allows you to purchase display ads and video placements on their partner sites, like IMDb.

7) Smart remarketing options

Have you ever wanted to put your brand in front of people who have already seen your ads? Remarketing does just that. Amazon lets you remarket (or ‘retarget’) to users who have already seen your ads. Amazon’s remarketing feature hasn’t landed yet, but it promises to be an effective way to establish multiple touch points with your audience.

8) Mobile friendly ads

More than 50 percent of all internet traffic is from mobile devices, and that number is set to increase. Is your current PPC platform optimizing for these essential mobile clicks?

Amazon’s platform offers your garden variety mobile display ads, as well as banner ads, interstitial ads, and video ads. They help you optimize your sizing and content to best appeal to mobile users, increasing clickthrough rate and helping you score more business.

9) Real-time insights

Marketing is all about gleaning information, and brands with the richest data have a significant advantage in any market. Amazon Advertising is different from other PPC platforms because it gives real-time insights into your campaign. Forms of real-time insights are available on other platforms, but when combined with Amazon’s powerful user insights and behavioral data, it packs a punch for your campaign optimization efforts.

10) Boost your bottom line for less

While all PPC platforms cost money, they don’t have to drain your budget. With bids as low as five cents per click, Amazon offers competitive pricing on their platform. Of course, if you want to really stamp out the competition, you can set a higher bid. Average costs depend on what keywords and audiences you’re targeting, but to see traction, we recommend setting daily ad spend at $50.

Amazon Advertising is on par with the prices found on other platforms. The curveball? Because of Amazon’s in-depth customer data and targeting capabilities, you could see ten times the return for the same amount of spend.

The bottom line

Amazon Advertising is still in the process of rolling out new features. As it stands today, however, it’s an amazing platform that’s perfect for both PPC beginners and experts. It opens up the world of PPC beyond display ads and social media, reaching users in new, unconventional media. If you want to diversify your PPC campaigns for more gains, you need to give Amazon Advertising a try.

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