9 Myths Every Brand Should Know About Marketing to Baby Boomers in 2016 and 2017

While some consider millennials the prime responders to online advertising, there may be an untapped market of emerging internet users. The Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 – 1964, are the fastest growing audience of internet users. This information could come as a surprise to some companies who would have otherwise avoided the internet as a marketing strategy; companies that target older generations. Disclosed below is a series of myths and facts about how the baby boomer generation uses the internet.

1. Myth: Baby Boomers don’t use social media

Fact: According to dmn3, 82.3% of Boomers belong to at least one social networking site with Facebook in the lead – generating at least 82.3% of traffic. LinkedIn follows at a distant second with 35% and Pinterest closely behind at 34%.

2. Myth: Ok, they’re on social media but they’re not active users.

Fact: The majority of respondents to a survey taken from dmn3 spend around 1-2 hours per week using social media. While this may not seem like a lot to some companies, it should be noted that their activity (aside from social interactions) is geared towards gathering new information, whether that be news or company related. It is also worth noting that an overwhelming 15.5% are said to spend around 11+ hours on social media per week.

3. Myth: Boomers prefer the old fashion brick & mortar stores.

Fact: If you assumed this, then you’d be correct. Roughly 67% of boomers do prefer to purchase an item in the store versus online, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to operate an online sale. At least 91% have made an online purchase.

4. Myth: Establishing brand loyalty to baby boomers through social media is pointless since they prefer word of mouth.

Fact: While it is true that baby boomers prefer word of mouth, nearly 53% have visited a company website through social media and 75% of boomer women choose to follow their favorite brands on social media. Meaning, brand awareness is especially high with this generation. They are more likely to remain loyal to a brand.

5. Myth: I can’t market to both boomers AND millennials.

Fact: There are several ways that bring millennials and boomers together. A prime example would be the money saving game. Both millennials and boomers are a frugal bunch, therefore coupons and sales discounts are attractive to both demographics. Of course, who doesn’t love a good bargain? Research also shows that both generations are comfortable shopping online. Millennials may take advantage of the efficiency more than boomers, but that doesn’t mean the market won’t expand! Lastly, in both generations, women are far more likely than men to discuss their purchases on social media. At 82% and 83%, female boomers and female millennials share their retail shopping experiences on social media at roughly the same rate. So if your product targets women, you’re better off having an online presence to gather critical information.

6. Myth: Boomers don’t have the money to spend on my products.

Fact: This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Boomers outspend younger adults 2:1 and hold upwards of 45% of national income. This means that the market has extraordinary potential.

7. Myth: Boomers shop less than any other generation

Fact: Four out of five retailers attribute nearly 50% of their sales to boomers.

8. Myth: It is pointless to market to baby boomers through social media and search engines.

Fact: They are looking for best user experience. So any platform that increases efficiency for this generation is a good platform to have. As the boomer generation ages, they will be looking for easier ways to access their favorite products.

9. Myth: I’ll waste my money by marketing to baby boomers through search engines and social media.

Fact: Logical Media Group targets a wide variety of audiences and provides strategic search engine marketing and social media marketing. Since Boomers are the fastest growing demographic online there is huge potential. Our company prides itself on successful campaigns targeted towards all demographics. Contact us today to find ways that your company can succeed through online advertising!

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