“Your ad experience may differ from someone else”

You’ve poured thousands of dollars into your brand-new PPC account, but you’ve stopped seeing your ad appear. “This doesn’t make sense! How could this be? They used to appear all the time, and now they’ve suddenly stopped,” you may say. Keep in mind, this may not necessarily be your fault, or the fault of anyone else. There are several reasons why you may not be seeing your paid ads in the search-results pages.

In fact, if your account is properly optimized, you should not be seeing your ads. After all, the goal of paid search is to show ads to (and get conversions from) a relevant audience – – and I seriously doubt that you want to be the sole patron of your paid-search efforts. So, before you reach for the phone or begin typing that strongly worded email to your PPC team, take a minute to review these 9 reasons why your ad experience may differ from someone else’s (which it should).

“I had a hard time trying to explain to my management team why they were not seeing our company’s paid ads because there are a multitude of factors. With the help of Logical Media Group, I was able to give clear and concise reasoning behind why they were not seeing our paid ads. I’ve referred to Olivia’s list multiple times to explain to others who ask “why” and I’ve found this to be a very useful tool.”

Rachael Hinds
MarComm Associate

Past Google Searches

Just like we “Google” ourselves, we can be tempted to search for our company, brand name, or other keyword triggers. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Google recognizes when you’ve searched for the same thing more than once. If you’ve done a search to trigger an ad of yours and have never clicked on the ad (which we hope you would not as that could cost you money and ultimately increase cost-per-click), the search engine will assume that ad is not relevant and therefore stop showing it altogether.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

Do not clear your cookies or history since Google will be able to provide you with the best ad experience this way.

Geographic Location

In many cases, a company may not want their ads to appear outside of their targeted location. For instance, a small mom-and-pop shop in Springfield, Missouri probably won’t want their ads showing in a large city like Chicago, Illinois. So, if you’re used to seeing ads at home in Springfield but are troubled by the fact that your ads are not appearing while you’re on vacation in Chicago, this may be a good explanation.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

Set your geo targets around the areas that will provide you with the best performance, don’t just set your ads to run in every location as this may draw in lots of irrelevant traffic.


The device you use while performing a search could impact your ad experience as well. If you have ever made bid adjustments based on device or created mobile-only (or desktop-only) ads, you could also have a varying experience.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

Adjust your bids based on the highest or lowest performing device. If you do not have a mobile friendly website, stop your ads from showing on mobile devices immediately until this issue is resolved, as mobile users will most likely bounce and not convert.

Account is Under Review

If your account is still in the verification process with Google, it may take up to 3 days before you can start viewing your ads. Likewise, if you have just implemented a brand-new ad, wait at least 30 minutes before searching, as there may be a bit of a lag period before your ad has been verified by Google or Bing.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

Be patient and make sure that all of your keywords follow Google’s rules which you can find Here.

Keyword Rankings

If your ads aren’t reaching the first (or even second) page, you may not be looking in the right spot. Check the bottom of the search results page or the second page to see if your ad appears there.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

There are two important things you can improve in this situation. 1. Improve quality score by writing interesting and relevant ad copy, improving site speed, and create a better landing page experience. 2. Increase your maximum CPC to the estimated first page bid.

Blocked IP Address

Managers who fear their employees may be clicking on their ads, thus increasing overall cost and cost-per-click, may exclude several IP addresses inside their own company from viewing ads to ensure no one is clicking on a paid ad.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

Collect all the IP addresses you would like to exclude from showing ads and implement those into your account.


When you view your campaigns in AdWords, you may notice a little orange warning telling you that your campaign is limited by budget. This means that your ads could be showing a lot more often, but they are restrained since the budget gets depleted before the day is over. Let’s say, for instance, traffic peaks around 10:00 am and your budget runs out by noon. If someone performs a search past noon, you won’t be able to show any more ads.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

Increase budget to minimize lost impression share.

Ad Scheduling

The time you set for your ads to appear also plays a large roll in ad experience. If you can’t see your ads after 9:00 at night, you may be reminded that you set your ads to turn off between 8:00pm – 6:00 am. This strategy is used by several agencies to prevent people from searching for their brand at a certain time, or to decrease bids based on impressions, clicks, and position. By decreasing bids at a certain time, you may see your ads appear in a lower rank on the search-results page or not at all. Furthermore, you may set your ads to appear only Monday through Friday, and if the search were performed on a Saturday, your ads will be restricted from showing.

How can I optimize my account to stop my ads from appearing?

Schedule your ads to show at the time of day or time of week that show peak performance.

If you would like to easily see how your ads appear in the search results page, you can easily take advantage of Google’s Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool. This tool will also prevent too many irrelevant impressions. For more information or advice contact Logical Media Group regarding your ads, and ad position.

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