Chicago Trends Scoreboard Part 16

chicago trends scoreboard

Welcome to the Chicago Trends Scoreboard, brought to you by Logical Media Group (and Google Trends, of course)! Based out of the historic River North neighborhood, we hold firm to the belief that we live and work in the greatest city on earth. Therefore, each week we’ll dig into the data provided by Google Trends (a free tool!) and social media outlets that outline the topics most frequently searched by Chicagoans that week. We’ll also provide any relevant links to content surrounding those topics around the internet that might be of interest to our neighbors around town. We’d love to hear from you about our scoreboard, please contact with any questions or comments.

“Auto Show Rolls into Town”

The doldrums of winter can have serious effect on Chicagoans. By Mid-February it’s just nice to have a reason to step outside. Far away feel the neighborhood street festivals and musical acts that accompany the warmth of a summer by the lake. The Chicago Auto Show features the newest technology, sleekest design, customized and attached to the best of American and foreign automobiles alike. A few of the featured vehicles of 2019 include:

Lego Truck:
In honor of “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,” a to-scale replica of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 was custom built for the show. 18 builders and more than 2,000 combined hours went into build, which consists of 334,544 Lego bricks; including the wheels and tires. Looking at the truck also makes you feel like you might need to have your vision checked, but to each their own.

A life sized pickup truck made entirely out of legos

Cubs & Sox Rav 4:
In the midst of a rather dramatic offseason for the Chicago baseball teams, a new wrinkle to the cross-city rivalry arrives in the form of fully wrapped Toyota Rav-4’s.

A tweet showing a cubs-themed car at the Chicago Auto Show

So as to not show favoritism, Toyota elected to display both Cubs and Sox regalia on the customized vehicles. We know what you’re thinking, and neither team was allowed to bring their World Series Trophy Tundra to the show. Fans of both teams should remember to wear their gear for what should be a golden sports selfie opportunity.

This blogger isn’t much of a car guy, so I chose to include two of the dorkier vehicles on display. To see American muscle, or imported speed – check out this show recap from CNET.

Please, Do Call it a Comeback:

The Bulls are in the midst of one of the worst NBA seasons in Chicago history. I’d need to look more deeply into the actual statistics to verify that, but from a morale or hopefulness standpoint the outlook is bleak. After a disappointing end to the Cubs season alongside of a White Sox rebuild, our winter hopes lie in the hands of the Blackhawks. After a fairly dramatic early season lull the Hawks are just four points out of the playoffs as I’m writing this, following a 5-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings on Monday, 12/11. NBC Chicago Hawks Blogger, James Neveau breaks down the key stats behind the recent resurgence in this article.

Some of the reasons are obvious, including key play from ‘15-’16 MVP Patrick Kane, who is on pace to achieve a 121 point season. Kane brought home his first Hart Trophy with just 106 points, and is clearly eyeing another. Neveau also mentions Chicago’s recent success against the Blackhawks, the stellar play of Towes/Debrincat, and Cam Ward. The Hawks goalie has stopped 142 of the 151 shots he’s defended in the 7 game win streak, good enough for an outstanding .940 save percentage.

Hawks fans have been fairly vocal about the teams return to potential glory on social media.

A tweet showing the Blackhawk's winning score against the Red Wings

A tweet announcing the Blackhawk's Dylan Strome's recent achievements

Settle in for the back half of winter with everyone’s favorite hockey team, and enjoy the ride.

Flowers, Chocolates and Chicago:

Valentine’s Day is trending in more places than just Chicago, to be certain, but the city has a certain charm around the holiday of romance. Provided it’s warm enough to step foot out of the house of course. The good news is that if you are willing to head out, there are some exceptionally unique and fun spots to hit. We have a few suggestions from here.

Chicago favorites are on the list, Geja’s Cafe in Lincoln Park is a fondue heaven and considered one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. I personally believe if someone has a good fondue set-up there is no need for another person to be at the table, but that’s a me thing.

A view of the Chicago skyline at night inside a nice restaurant

Boat cruises around Lake Michigan featuring dinner and dancing, The Chicago Botanical Garden and Ice Skating at Millennium Park are other traditional favorites on the list.

For a more modern take on romance, check out a Burlesque show at Untitled Supper Club which includes circus acts, contortionists, and fantasy performers. If you’re up for a swim (the warm kind) you can visit the Aire Ancient Baths for thermal bath and spa package.

If you’re feeling especially brave, or fit, you can visit the infamous Sluggers Sports Bar in Wrigleyville for Cupid’s Undie run. A scantily clad form of exercising to raise money for charity. If you’re up for running around with some half naked people in the freezing cold, then this is the Thanksgiving event for you.

There are also many options in the way of Arts & Culture for you to take in with your favorite person. We’ve included a full list here from You can see a popular hit like The Producers, maybe Hamilton or you can mix it up and experiment with alternative theater. The city is your oyster if it is art you seek!

The options are limitless in a city like this. So grab your significant other and head out on the town for a night of romance.

That’s all for this week’s Chicago Trends Scoreboard, we’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions! We compiled these stories using Google Trends, Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Reddit) and the Google News feed. Feel free to email with any news you’d like to see covered or suggestions on how to improve the Trends scoreboard!

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