The National Foundation for Credit Counseling: SEO Case Study by Logical Media Group

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the nation’s largest and longest serving nonprofit financial counseling organization, offers a number of financial counseling services including credit, housing and student loans. When the NFCC partnered with Logical Media Group in the spring of 2015, its main goals were to increase organic traffic by 20 percent, as well as drive more online counseling requests and phone calls through its Agency Locator page.

Before working with Logical Media Group, NFCC was experiencing a drop of 244 organic search engine sessions per month, per the linear regression analysis above. Since NFCC began SEO management with LMG in May 2015, NFCC has saw an average increase of 96 organic sessions per month.

NFCC has seen total organic traffic increase 56% from April 2015, the month prior to Logical’s engagement with NFCC, to March 2017. This is an average of 136 organic sessions per month.

The three main search engines saw the following increases from April 2015 to May 2017

  • Google: 59% increase
  • Bing: 57% increase
  • Yahoo: 9% increase

How did we increase total organic search engine visits?

  • Logical’s original strategy focused on optimizing seven pages on NFCC’s site.
  • Logical has since added four optimized pages. When the team adds an optimized page, we backload the Analytics data so that URL is considered an optimized page since the beginning of reporting. This allows for more accurate and transparent data.
  • From November of 2014 until February of 2017, NFCC saw an 806 percent increase in traffic to its optimized pages.
  • This is an average increase of 147 visitors per month.

How did we improve traffic to the optimized landing pages?

  • When Logical began SEO management with NFCC in May 2015, we chose 21 optimized keywords for seven optimized pages.
  • NFCC’s site went from ranking No. 1 in Google desktop search results for 2 keywords in May of 2015, to having 8 with an average rank No. 1 in March 2017.
  • NFCC’s site went from having 8 of its optimized keywords rank in the top 5 of Google’s desktop search results in May 2015 to 15 keywords with an average rank in the top 5 in March 2017.
“One thing that I particularly value about our relationship with Logical media is that their reporting is tremendous. It’s not only covering the key indicators – the key goals we’re trying to achieve, but it’s very thorough, it’s very detailed, it’s very transparent. So we know exactly what’s happening. As the chief communications officer, I can quickly dig into the details, and we land on recommendations for next steps and conversion optimization goals for the next month in typically less than an hour. So it all ties back to the quality and in-depth rationale and analytics behind the reporting.”

– Dana Dolan, Chief Communications Officer, National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)

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