Account Manager can feel like a job title from the advertising days of yore, an artifact from the pre-internet corporate world in which human interaction was a necessity and not a luxury. 


At Logical Media Group and digital marketing agencies around the country, client work is being executed and delivered at an unprecedented pace. The software we invest in automates processes and allows us to move faster, because our clients don’t just want the results we’ve already produced, but also a glimpse of the strategy that will shape the results of tomorrow. Customer service is streamlined into a ticket submission process. Project management tools allow you to see the status of your project the same way you’re able to check the status of a pizza delivery. 


As a growing company with four consecutive appearances on the Inc. 5000 list, we understand the importance of moving quickly, being nimble with limited resources and spending every dollar wisely. But we also know that while we push the boundaries of efficiency, it can be all too easy to let the human element of marketing fall by the wayside. 


That’s why – in 2019, Logical made the decision to build and grow an Account Management team to ensure client satisfaction. We cultivated a staff tasked with a singular mission: relentless advocacy of our clients. For Logical, the decision to create this team began to pay dividends almost immediately. We saw dramatic increases in client retention in addition to higher scores in our customer satisfaction surveys.. Our clients joined us for breakfast meetings at our office in downtown Chicago, lunch meetings at our favorite local eateries, and yes even the occasional cocktail meeting in the many watering holes in our neighborhood. To say the least, we were proud of our team and pleased with the results.Then came 2020. 


Chaos and economic anxiety can make the world feel cold, and suddenly the problems our clients were experiencing couldn’t be solved by a ticket submission or a quick email exchange. Our Account Management team transitioned from power lunches to the front line of defense. Up early fielding phone calls, overhauling months of strategy work on a dime, and helping our clients comprehend the role that digital marketing would need to play in their businesses as the world began to close. The human element of any business takes on a new meaning when you are no longer able to be around the humans you do business with. 


As we approach the one year mark of the beginning of the pandemic, lessons of the past year shape our customer service strategy of the future. The ability to pick up a phone and have it answered isn’t just a luxury but a necessity. Feeling that your agency contact is an extension of your team, or your brand, is a fun thing to say in theory, but making it a reality can make all the difference in the world. 


Logical Media Group continues our pursuit of relentless improvement, the benefits of which we pass on to our clients. The technological evolution of business is unceasing, and we will evolve in stride. As for relationships, and service, our young Account Management team survived a true trial by fire, thanks to a global pandemic. We stand ready to answer your call, respond to the late email, and provide that level of customer service that might just remind you of the old days, when business was done between people. 

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Kevin Hughes

Kevin Hughes

Account Director at Logical Media Group

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