Why isn’t my business showing up on Google Maps?

Getting your business listed on Google Maps is an important part of getting traffic to your site.
When your business is listed, you’re not only able to gain visibility in the local three-pack, the three local results listed in a Google search, but you’re also able to drive traffic to your site via a Google Maps search, whether it be via a desktop computer or a smartphone search.
However, what if you’ve created a Google My Business listing and it’s still not showing up? Here are a few reasons your business may not be visible, even though you’ve created a listing:

Your listing isn’t verified yet

When you create a listing, it needs to be verified to ensure your business is legitimate and the location is correct.
There are a few options for verifying a listing. One is to have Google send a postcard to your business which contains a verification code. You can also verify your listing via phone or e-mail.

You have incorrect information in your business name

Failure to adhere to Google My Business’ guidelines – such as having unnecessary information in your business name – can lead to Google not verifying or suspending your account.
For example, Google does not allow any sort of marketing tagline or keyword stuffing into your business name.

Therefore, here at Logical Media Group, we wouldn’t be allowed to put something like “Logical Media Group – A Chicago Digital Marketing Company” as our business name.
Phone numbers, business hours and location information are also prohibited as part of the business name. For example, “McDonald’s – Open 24 Hours” would not be acceptable.
If your business listing is not showing up, it’s possible you haven’t adhered to these guidelines. If your listing has been suspended, you can complete a reinstatement request.

Your address information is incorrect

Your business must have a physical address in order to be listed. Therefore, P.O. boxes do not count. Your Google My Business address must also be consistent with your business’ actual address.
Businesses that use an address, such as an apartment building, in order to mask it as another location for the business are subject to removal.

My business is on Google Maps, but isn’t getting a lot of visibility

It’s possible that your business listing is verified and on Google Maps, but people have a tough time finding it when they do a local search in Google, search on Google Maps, or the Google Maps app. The following screenshot shows a quick search I did for “Food” on Google Maps. You can see that a number of places show up, but there’s certainly more food places in the area. If I zoom in, I’ll get more food results, but I get the top results right away.

Businesses will get higher visibility due to a number of factors, including reviews, quality of links pointing to your site, and address consistency. The following guide to local SEO goes into more detail about how to get your business to rank higher on Maps and local search.
For any business – whether it’s a restaurant, bar or movie theater, getting on Google Maps is a must. Just make sure you’re following the correct steps if you’re a business owner creating a listing.

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