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Our Chicago Web Video Production consultants execute visual content optimized for web streaming with the goal of generating site conversion rates and audience retention, while highlighting the strengths of your company to your target audience.

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Branded Videos

We offer video packages that highlight the transparency and impact of your brand. With our background in motion picture work, our goal is to ellicit emotion and story within every video we create in order to maximize impact.

Detailed Pre-Production

An integral part of our process is to ensure proper pre-planning before we even touch a camera. This allows each video we create to be specific for the clients’ respective market. This ensures cost effective planning and development.

Optimized Content

Our videos are made to optimize audience retention and boost conversions through concise content, made to view on the web or mobile. As part of our pre-production phase, we will collectively decide which application is best based upon your goals.


Our team will meet with you to develop the best approach to maximize the effect your video will have on your target audience. Combining a rich development phase with talented video editors, the strategy for each video from beginning to end is unique and precise.

Marketing Priority

According to Retail TouchPoints and Invodo, 47 percent of retail executives name video as a top 3 marketing priority. Video enables one to reach audiences in ways traditional text cannot. It gives brands the ability to speak directly to their market, highlighting transparency and building trust.

Visual Engagement

According to Video Brewery, every day 100 million internet users watch an online video. In an environment where video marketing is increasing in demand, we position ourselves to develop content that is flexible to meet your goals.

Our Video Work

Check out some of the awesome web video production work we’ve done for our clients

1333 S Wabash

1333 S Wabash is a newly built apartment complex in downtown Chicago, IL.


Alec Schraegle
Director of Marketing

“Logical went above and beyond in working with our other third party vendors to collaboratively get our analytics firing exactly as it should be, and then taking the extra step to validate several times and ensure we understand how to interpret the data within GA.”

What We Did

1333 S Wabash was looking for a video to highlight their amenities and spacious units to nurture attraction to new couples, families, and single-living tenants. We developed a branded video that not only capture all these elements, but infused them in a way that allows the viewer to step into the space and experience the atmosphere 1333 has to offer.

Branded Video
WordPress Web Design

Physicians Immediate Care

Physicians Immediate Care is a Midwest leader in urgent care and occupational health services with over 35 locations in three states.


Maureen K.
Physicians Immediate Care

“Logical Media Group was responsive to our needs for videos that not only spoke to our patients and potential patients, but also to applicants looking to join our organization. They captured the essence of our brand in a short amount of time, and delivered a final product that truly spoke to the atmosphere of Physicians Immediate Care.”

What We Did

Physicians Immediate Care was looking for two videos that captured both the patient experience, and their atmosphere as a company. We executed a video package that showcased their excellence in healthcare, as well the welcoming environment one can expect when walking through their doors.

Human Resources Video
Patient Experience Video

Reed Construction

Established in 1893, Reed Construction is a 5th generation family owned general contractor.Established in 1893, Reed Construction is a 5th generation family owned general contractor.

erin bush1

Erin Bush
Reed Construction

“We saw video as a powerful marketing tool to use for later outreach. Logical Media Group took everything in stride and were so accommodating to our schedules to make it work. We were immensely pleased with the end result. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.”

What We Did

Reed Construction was looking to highlight their excellence with a video that showcased the overall operation of working with clients to develop facilities that suit specific needs. A family owned company with a rich history, Reed’s video also touched on the nurturing methodology within their corporation, their approach to building the company from within.

About Us Video
WordPress Web Design

Paul Glover

Paul Glover is a retired trial lawyer who has practiced business coaching and training for roughly thirty years.


Paul Glover
Business Coach

“As a business coach for over thirty years, I was looking for a video that showcased my experience in the industry. Logical drafted a concept, developed the script, and worked with me to create a piece that not only delivered on the above, but also captured my personality.”

What We Did

Paul Glover was looking for a visual rebranding of his business, and video was the perfect compliment. We delivered our Branded Package, highlighting who he is with testimonials.

Video Production
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Our Process

We run detailed planning, filming, and editing phases to ensure tight-knit storytelling. Specializing in Video Production we ensure our videos are optimized for today’s visual-based consumer environment, where your brand and product are showcased to reach your target audience efficiently and effectively.


Our pre-planning features script writing and visual planning to take your idea from concept to reality. We accomplish this by developing a look book and an audio/visual script, both of which outline the visual tone and content. These documents are strengthened through collaboration and communication with your brand.


Once our script is set, we move into the filming phase where we execute the idea set in place during pre-production. Combining award-winning direction and cinematography, each shot is lit and framed with a purpose in order to capture engaging story content.


With all the footage captured, we bring everything back into Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to shape the final product. This is where the puzzle is assembled into a final video that is optimized for mobile, social media, and the web.

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