As a digital marketing agency in Chicago, we know the competition is stiff when it comes to choosing where to work, which is why Logical is focused on creating an exceptional experience for both our clients and employees alike. As a Great Place To Work certified company, we solicit feedback on all areas we’re excelling toward this goal and where we still have room to grow. Our employees use words such as opportunity, happy, people, and community to describe who we are – check it out here!

Logical wanted to take the time each month to individually spotlight the amazing, talented, and exceptional collection of digital marketers that make up our team, This month our employee spotlight is on Amelia Reid, who has been with Logical for 5 years as a Paid Media Strategy Lead. Read below to learn more about Amelia and the great work she does at Logical!

First and Last Name

Amelia Reid

Nickname (office nickname) or name you go by


Position Title

Paid Strategy Lead, Enterprise

What do you do at Logical? (What are your responsibilities, day to day, types of accounts, etc)

Oversee and implement paid media strategy for enterprise clients

How long have you been here?

5 years

What Logical value resonates most with you and why (Uplift, Commit, Teach, Be, Test, Communicate)

Teach – working with others and teaching them is something that comes pretty naturally to me and is very fulfilling!

Where is your hometown?

Oberlin OH


BBA in Marketing from Loyola University

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time here?

Growing a self-confidence that I never knew I was capable of having. I am the person who hates presentations and phone calls, but through my time at Logical I have reached a point where I can do these things and I KNOW I can do these things! I can lead calls, meetings, and I even presented at a Google event! I am proud of taking advantage of the opportunities that Logical provides to be able to reach this point.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and how many?

3 Kitties – Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Clove

What can you be found doing outside of work hours?

BAKING! Or working on my in-the-works baking business side-hustle!

Favorite Chicago Bar / Restaurant

Jeni’s Ice Cream (though this is not a Chicago-only thing)

Book(s) you are currently reading or types of books you like to read

Currently Reading “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero
I just finished reading “Stop Checking Your Likes” by Susie Moore
Next up I have “Boss Up” by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Mostly though you can find me reading fun chick lit or an Agatha Christie mystery!

A quote you like to live by; life mantra

Everybody needs therapy

Favorite Sports Team

Cleveland Indians

Favorite Movie

I actually don’t like movies that much unless I go to a theater, but one movie that stands out as one I find myself recommending a lot and that I absolutely obsess over is the Netflix original movie Someone Great.

I am definitely more of a TV girl where you can usually find me watching Bob’s Burgers, any and all baking shows, or the weather channel (especially during hurricane season).

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I played softball from 7 years old through high school with 2 years off when I was 12 and 13. When I was younger our teams were particularly bad and there was one season where the only game we won was because the other team forfeited after their coach became enraged at the umpire and called his team off the field and said they were going home. High school had more success and we won the state championship once (runner up another time).

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