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As a digital marketing agency in Chicago, we know the competition is stiff when it comes to choosing where to work, which is why Logical is focused on creating an exceptional experience for both our clients and employees alike. As a Great Place To Work certified company, we solicit feedback on all areas we’re excelling toward this goal and where we still have room to grow. Our employees use words such as opportunity, happy, people, and community to describe who we are – check it out here!


Logical wanted to take the time each month to individually spotlight the amazing, talented, and exceptional collection of digital marketers that make up our team, This month our employee spotlight is on Mick Steinmetz, who has been with Logical for 1  year as an SEO Strategist. Read below to learn more about Mick and the great work he does at Logical!


First and Last Name

Mick Steinmetz


Nickname (office nickname) or name you go by



Position Title

SEO Strategist


What do you do at Logical? (What are your responsibilities, day to day, types of accounts, etc)

Page optimizations, keyword research, technical site audits, data analytics


How long have you been here?

1 year


What Logical value resonates most with you and why (Uplift, Commit, Teach, Be, Test, Communicate)

Teach, I have learned more here in 5 months than any other five month period in my life


Where is your hometown?




Miami of Ohio


What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time here?

Making friendships while being entirely virtual


Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and how many?

Not yet


What can you be found doing outside of work hours?

Watching da bears, riding my bike, probably in Wisconsin or Michigan, playing puck


Favorite Chicago Bar / Restaurant

Doc B’s


Book(s) you are currently reading or types of books you like to read

Sci Fi, The Expanse series is out of this world!


A quote you like to live by; life mantra

Rising Tide Lifts All Boats


Favorite Sports Team



Favorite Movie

The Prestige


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Headline the longest running hometown festival in Illinois and will defend my milk chug championship this year.