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Electronic Cigarette Company: SEO Ecommerce Case Study by Logical Media Group

By July 25, 2017May 11th, 2020No Comments

  • Before working with Logical Media Group, an electronic cigarette company was experiencing an average decline of roughly 1,348 organic search engine sessions per month (over a 10-month period) per the linear regression analysis above.
  • This company started an SEO partnership with us in August ‘15. In only 10 months, we increased their total year-over-year organic search engine traffic by 95%. This is an average increase of roughly 2,611 organic sessions per month per the linear regression analysis above. How did we accomplish this?

How did we increase total organic search engine traffic?

  • Based on keyword research, Logical crafted an SEO strategy hyper-focusing on 22 pages. Each of these 22 pages was assigned an inbound organic keyword strategy. The graph above represents an isolation of these 22 pages and their respective inbound organic traffic over time.
  • There is a small level of seasonality in the electronic cigarette industry, so to avoid any potential bias, we will compare May ‘15 to the last month of our partnership, May ’16. Logical’s optimized landing pages were responsible for a 202% year-over-year increase in organic search engine traffic. This is an average increase of roughly 1,148 organic visitors per month per the linear regression analysis above.
  • During the same time frame, the number of total ecommerce transactions generated via the 22 optimized landing pages increased 151% and revenue increased 158%.
  • How did we accomplish an increase in traffic and consequently revenue to these 22 optimized landing pages?

How did we increase inbound organic search engine traffic to our 22 optimized pages?

  • Each of the aforementioned 22 landing pages had anywhere from 2 to 4 semantically similar keywords optimized for it, based on keyword research, for a grand total of 62 keywords that Logical tracked search engine rankings for on a daily basis.
  • The electronic cigarette company’s website had 7 of these optimized keywords ranking within the top 5 of Google’s search results when we started in August ’15. Within 10 months, we had 32 keywords ranking within the top 5. Some of these top 5 ranking keywords had as much volume as 22,200 searches per month within the United States (reference Keyword 3 above).
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