Web Design


Logical Media Group + The Ocean Agency

It is very difficult to truly become an expert in both digital marketing and web design. By acquiring The Ocean Agency and establishing web design as a core service, we discovered our solution.

In 2014, Logical Media Group added The Ocean Agency to our team. Ocean comes with years of experience as one of Chicago’s top design agencies. By adopting an in-house web team, it allows us to integrate both of our strategies, expands our range of services to our clients, and strengthens Logical as a whole.

View some examples of our web design work below, and for an extended look at The Ocean Agency’s portfolio, visit their website.

Our Work

Partner Mentality. We want to be an integral part of your team, not just a service.

Data-Driven. It's a numbers game, and we have the skills to play.

Transparent Communication. In person, over the phone, or via email-our communication is always transparent.

Culture of Testing. The digital shift never stops. That's why experimentation, testing, and analysis stay on the front-line.