Joe Cavaliere

Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois

Education: University of Iowa, BA in English, BA in Philosophy

Work Background/Accomplishments: 2 years in the marketing space, writing and performing account management.

Hobbies/Interests: Playing music, spending time with my family, classic literature, foreign films, science fiction, biking, and going to shows.

Describe your role at LMG/Ocean and what you enjoy about it: I am an SEO Account Manager and I develop on-site content for several of our clients. I also write copy for LMG’s own branding efforts. Writing from an SEO perspective is always an interesting challenge! What is great about LMG is the research and reporting process is so detailed that I always feel as though I have the data to support our strategy.

Favorite albums: Neu! ’75, DNA on DNA

Books you are currently reading: The Trial – Kakfa, Crying of Lot 49 – Thomas Pynchon