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We craft strategies that engage audiences and drive traffic

As a paid social media agency, we leverage paid social ads to build awareness for your services, encourage customers to engage with your brand, and drive qualified traffic to your site. Advertising options on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & other social media platforms have transformed the manner in which customers interact with your business.

Discovery & Research

Before we start creating your paid social media campaigns, our strategists will meet with your team to learn about your brand, target consumer, and paid social goals. This allows our team to have a holistic knowledge of your business and help you reach your objectives.

Paid Social Strategy

Whether we are setting up Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter marketing, there are a variety of important components to our social media marketing services. Things to keep in mind include budget allocation, which types of creative images will be tested, which demographics you want to target, and possible mobile targeting.

Account Structure

Once we decide on a strategy, our team will begin finalizing tactics. The process starts with a structure of how your paid social account will look, followed by audience research, and finally designing creative ad copy. Once all the details are finalized, our team will set up the account in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Monitoring & Optimization

As part of our social media avertising services, we leverage reporting tools and detail-oriented manual analysis to guarantee precise performance monitoring on every interface. Our account managers will observe and optimize your account throughout the week.

Weekly Reporting

Our paid social team will analyze every angle of your account’s performance and make campaign changes based on data and your business goals. Clients meet with our team on a weekly basis to review these reports and discuss continuous optimization and strategy.

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