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Careers at Logical Media Group | Digital Marketing Jobs Based out of Chicago

Be part of a team that fully supports one another’s growth, ideas, and dreams. Are you ready to participate in a full-time role that will push you to succeed in areas you didn’t expect? Whether you are not located in the Windy City, or you call it Sweet Home Chicago, our digital marketing jobs are ready for you.

Qualities That Make This a Great Place to Work At

A Great Place to Work

Proudly certified as a Great Place to Work®️ for five consecutive years, Logical Media Group celebrates a culture of excellence, innovation, and teamwork. Our commitment to a positive and empowering work environment shines through this prestigious recognition. Thanks to our dedicated team, we continue to thrive and set new standards of workplace satisfaction and achievement.

Why work with us?

Learn, grow, and succeed


No ceilings, no problems. We have huge opportunities for growth where you can determine your future at Logical Media Group. You can grow and level up your skills in other marketing areas with a digital marketing job in Chicago. Are you looking to enhance your digital marketing skills in marketing campaigns or PPC? We have team members bursting at the seams to help out, engage with other teammates, and assist in work outside the box.

“Logical is a great workplace because employees genuinely care about each other and work great together as a team. A positive, uplifting atmosphere is associated with the company, which involves many activities and team bonding experiences. Additionally, I can work on different projects daily for various clients, which matches my career goals and keeps my job engaging. I have the freedom to be creative, but there is sufficient structure to ensure my creativity is in a direction that keeps our organization strong and successful.” – Madeline Stubbs, Graphic Designer


Our open-door policy applies to everyone, from our CEO to our interns. Be heard. Be supported. Be impactful.

Whatever type of role you play as part of your digital marketing job — whether you’re an Account Manager, dealing with the organic side of digital content through Email Marketing, or as part of the SEO team as an SEO Strategist (we have team members who specialize in Technical SEO, Content Creation, and Organic Social Media), or are more ingrained in the eCommerce side of digital marketing like the Paid Search and Paid Social Team or Amazon Marketplace team — we welcome all sorts of people. By being part of Logical Media Group, you’ll find significant cross-collaboration efforts in the digital marketing account teams you are part of.

Collaboration is not only found in the client’s work but also geographically. Although our digital marketing jobs originated in Chicago, we collaborate digitally and are fully remote, having team members across the United States and internationally.


Our values of Water and Fire allow us to be malleable within our roles, whether you are a content marketing strategist, graphic designer, or paid social media manager, we can adapt, adjust, and influence outcomes. 

Lifelong learning is pursued by everyone at Logical and is a big part of how all positions at Logical grow and become increasingly effective in our work with clients and each other.

“Working at Logical, there hasn’t been a day where I didn’t learn something. For a workplace, that is invaluable. It’s truly been such a joy to be a part of Logical and to be surrounded by excellence everyday.” – Parker Gillian, Account Manager


Love your job, love your life. We acknowledge that work days can sometimes be long and hard (those are especially true if you are one of our team members who has lived through the Chicago winters!), but some perks come with acknowledging that hard work. 

Not only do our team members make it a point to call out all of the excellent work they see, but in doing so, we enjoy each other’s company when together, in person or virtually, a little bit more. Join us and be both equally challenged and encouraged.

Not all client relationships are successful but when you craft and deliver an exceptional experience to a client and help their business become successful, the reward is overwhelming. 

We have worked hard to build an exceptional product and develop a world class team over the past 15 years. Logical’s CEO always says that our company is great because of the people who work here. 

If you are an “A” player, and you want to surround yourself with incredibly smart and talented “A” players who are driven and who you can learn from and grow with, then Logical will feel just like home.

Our Mission

We craft exceptional digital experiences for people to transact, connect, and explore.

Whatever your job title says and whoever your clients are — ranging from niche B2B companies to large multinational e-commerce brands — our team members look to adapt our marketing strategy to what will see results, alongside creating potent strategic formulas for our clients that achieve success in the future.

Are you looking to stick with the same paid advertising or marketing strategy that has worked in the past? We will enhance it. Do you want to start afresh and build a newer foundation in your search engine optimization, paid media, or Amazon marketplace strategy? 

How about in your CRM and email marketing plans, website updating, or having a creative refresh? We are a driven and capable team that is based in Chicago with digital marketing jobs that provide a spark in our days.

“Logical is an incredible place to work alongside talented peers and has allowed me to vastly grow as a digital marketer.” – Tyler Hughes, Marketplace Strategist

Our Values


Like water, Logical Media Group team members are fluid and adaptable. Creative problem-solving to meet client needs is vital in digital marketing jobs, and the positions found at Logical are no different.

When encountering obstacles, water can always successfully find a way through or around by transforming its state to persist in different environments.

In whatever job title and role we have, as digital marketing specialists, we are proactive in finding these openings and problems in our client’s businesses and filling them with solutions built around the comprehensive full-funnel, multi-channel digital strategies that are flexible, dynamic, and solutions-oriented.

We are adamant about controlling the direction of our work, and we view obstacles as opportunities for us to define and advance the direction of our strategies. Regardless of our roles, we are aware of other channels, and we are all responsible for the success of your business.


As fire moves, so do we as digital marketers. We are persistent and passionate leaders while always lighting up our environments. If not extinguished, it will be limitless in what it ignites.

We expect the best from each other and our clients. At Logical, we push each other and our clients past our comfort zones. Our team members have a fiery passion, determination, will, and confidence to relentlessly pursue ownership of our client’s businesses and the work we deliver. As the saying goes: The proof is in the pudding. And also, the proof of passion is pursuit, and this infectious pursuit resonates with peers, clients, and the community.

We are empowered to challenge ourselves, think outside the box, and utilize our communication skills to ask for what we need from our clients and each other. The posture of our relationships and the tone of our work is not that of order takers but holistic, strategic partners. We hold everyone, both teammates and clients, accountable for the partnership.

Current Openings