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We develop email marketing strategies that engage subscribers and produce results.

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Leveraging our analytical data-driven culture — combining traffic generation through proven digital strategy with purpose-driven creative templates grounded in inspired graphic design  — we develop email marketing strategies that generate qualified traffic to your business. Through engaging with our email marketing campaigns, your customers will have an exceptional digital experience with your brand.


Our email strategists will understand your business goals and are passionate to implement our process to ensure we are developing campaigns and automations that will exceed your goals. The same passion for improving conversion rates on goals applies to all types of clients: whether you’re part of a D2C, e-commerce company, B2C brands that are seeking more brand awareness through digital marketing efforts, or you’re a B2B organization that are looking to incorporate CRM and lead generation into their email marketing services.


The goals for our engagement will be to audit your existing email marketing campaigns and automations, develop an email list building and segmentation strategy, create product-specific or service-specific strategies that will be successfully deployed, managed, and ultimately improve ROI.


Logical’s email methodology and thought processes, like any other vertical like PPC, Amazon Marketplace, or search engine optimization (SEO) at a digital marketing agency such as Logical, will be applied to determine and implement strategic initiatives as well as be managed on an ongoing basis.


We provide detailed reporting on delivery, engagement, and conversions on email marketing campaigns and email marketing automation, always looking to test and optimize our efforts based on the data.

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The Process of our Email Marketing Services

Logical will use the following process to create and/or expand your email marketing initiative:

Email Database Audit and Strategy Formation

Logical will conduct a thorough analysis of your existing email database to gain an understanding of characteristics gathered for each user, current segments, historical behavior and any gaps or opportunities to gather additional information.

  • Identify data currently being captured in forms
  • Analyze existing segments
  • Identify campaign content pillars
  • Analyze existing email marketing automations
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for additional data capture, useful content, and new automations

Identify Goals & Objectives for Email Channel

Logical will identify potential KBRs (Key Business Requirements) for the email channel. Based on these discussions, we will develop a set of concise goals and objectives. Based on the outcome, we can develop associated KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure success.

  • Arrange meeting to determine KBRs
  • Logical will provide recommendations based on website content marketing efforts
  • Define and assign KPIs for goals & objectives

List Building, Segmentation, & Targeting

Logical will evaluate your existing segmentation set up and identify opportunities for new content and deployment strategies within existing segments. Logical will also identify new database fields to further enhance our segmentation strategy.

  • Understand current segmentation strategy
  • Identify opportunity for deeper segmentation
  • Analyze and identify strategies for greater segmentation and targeting capabilities to produce more detailed results related to business objectives

Email Automations and Triggered Messaging Strategy

We will create an automation strategy triggered by various onsite behaviors. This strategy will include creating unique content for current and new segments that are identified. We will vet your current email service provider (ESP) options & potential partners with the right technology to accomplish this strategy. For instance, as a trusted HubSpot agency partner, the Logical email marketing team, as the email marketing experts assigned to you, can dig deep through the aspects of CRM data points to better inform our strategy to best fit with the needs of your goals.

  • Identify the right technology to deploy and accomplish email marketing automation goals & objectives
  • Analyze product lifecycles and identify opportunities for timely, product-specific deployments within email automations
  • Recommend dynamic email content based on goals & objectives

Content & Creative Strategy

Logical will audit your existing content, determine methods to make it more effective in leading recipients toward conversion, and provide recommendations. Logical will provide revised creative recommendations for current email content as well as new content ideas and ways to further email marketing content.

  • Understand different types of content that are currently deployed
  • Leverage segment analysis to create strategy for new email content development
  • Create new email templates, mimicking the web design and branding of your company to ensure your email marketing is a cohesive part of your digital marketing

Deployment Strategy

Logical will determine and recommend the optimal strategy to communicate with subscribers as often as possible without creating the perception of being inundated. This comprehensive strategy will be unique for each email segment.

  • Develop strategy to determine optimal number of emails
  • Integrate and execute strategy with existing email tool

Email Reporting & Optimization

Based on analytics’ insights and recommendations, Logical will leverage the defined approach to monitor and optimize email performance.

  • Compile campaign and automation reports
  • Analyze campaign and automation data
  • Present campaign and automation findings
  • Test various creative variables such as subject line, preview line, audience(s), email content, images, to maximize return
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