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Creating cutting edge, strategy-driven campaigns that drive qualified leads

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As a premier Google Ads partner, Logical Media Group’s paid media team creates sophisticated campaigns utilizing the most up-to-date advancements in search advertising. Our Chicago PPC agency specializes in expanding your top funnel, and driving leads and sales to your business.

The Logical Media Group Paid Search Approach

We understand that simply driving leads alone is not a fair assessment of your paid search efforts, but the quality of those leads and the efficiency of your ad spend are true indications of a successful marketing campaign. Our Logical paid search strategists were early adopters of Performance Max, and always utilize Google & Bing’s latest advancements to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. We couple cutting edge strategy with rigorous testing to ensure you get the most out of every dollar spent.

A Look at Our Paid Search Services

Research & Discovery

Before we start optimizing your ppc campaigns, our strategists want to meet your marketing team and learn everything about your target audience, competition, and business goals. This will ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business needs, how to engage potential customers, and can ensure all online marketing efforts are cohesive.


Next, we begin to build the framework for your paid search campaigns, taking a full funnel approach. This means our display ads & search ads  are working to boost brand awareness, while also improving lead generation and driving bottom funnel conversions. We will also audit the landing pages you have currently to ensure they are relevant and structured to accommodate our marketing campaign goals. If we identify gaps, we may refer you over to our web development and content marketing teams for additional support.


Once we have mapped out a strategy, our PPC team moves into ad creation. The process starts with a structure of how your account will look, followed by extensive audience and keyword research, and creating the responsive ads potential visitors will see. With hundreds – possibly even thousands, of ads to upload, our team is able to set up Google Ads And Microsoft Ads accounts to make sure the account’s settings are correct.

Monitoring & Optimization

A primary component of any ppc management is ongoing monitoring of the accounts. This means we ensure ad spend is being properly allocated to ad campaigns with a strong conversion rate, and that we are pacing well against our budgets throughout the month. While monitoring the account, we may also make additional recommendations around remarketing efforts, updating landing pages, or updating ad extensions.


All of our ppc management clients receive interactive reporting, allowing for clear and precise breakdowns of campaign data that empowers data driven decision making. As a full service digital marketing agency, we always tie our efforts and performance into the larger picture, ensuring all digital marketing efforts are working together to achieve the business’s goals. 

Case Study – Physicians Immediate Care

Todd Vang
Chief Operating Officer

“They bring a proven test-and-learn philosophy to everything that they do and have become a true extension of our team.”



in PPC CTR YoY on both site & foot traffic through 40 Midwest clinics.



in PPC conversion rate YoY on both site clinic traffic.



in cost per lead.

Our Paid Search Setup Process

At the beginning of any new engagement, it is crucial that we do our due diligence to carefully craft the right strategy and account structure. This is a collaborative effort that will require your involvement as we drive the process forward, ensuring we have set the proper goals and are aligned on expectations. We take managing your media spend seriously, so this time is not to be overlooked.

Step 1: Identify the different ways consumers can find your business

When you sign up with our Chicago PPC company, The first step in our setup will focus on which areas of the country and which devices (desktop, mobile, etc.) you want your account to target, as well as where in the account you want your media budget allocated.

Step 2: Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research

To understand how to succeed, we first must size up the competition. We dig into your competitors’ brand messaging and unique value propositions, then cross reference that with the keywords they are targeting. This helps inform us on which keywords are most competitive and how we can help your business carve a lane amongst your competition that stands out and resonates with searchers.

Step 3: Create Unique Responsive Ads

Responsive ads are what bring users to your website. Our team will consult on ad copy and provide a/b testing recommendations for language variations that may speak best to your target audience and draw in potential business.

Step 4: Get Your Account Up and Running

The final step in the setup process is uploading your keywords and responsive ads into the interface for AdWords (and any other search engine you decide to run ads in). Once they are loaded and ready to go, our team will make sure the proper tracking is in place to measure conversions on your website. Once we have completed this step, your account will be ready to be activated!

Patrick McInerney
Ram Racing/GM

What our clients say about us

“Logical’s ability to deliver at the highest level, while always keeping our business goals at the forefront, has had an immensely positive impact on our business.”

How to Get More From Your PPC Advertising

At Logical Media Group, we understand that a holistic approach to digital marketing efforts ensures the strongest performance. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Once you start generating leads from your search campaigns, do you have a strong email marketing strategy to ensure you are following up and keeping leads warm?
  • Do your social media marketing and paid social efforts align with your paid search efforts? Do you have customers on social media that you may not currently be capturing?

What experience do users have once they land on the site, and does your site have an SEO strategy for terms that you may not want to put media extra budget towards?

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