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Google Analytics Configurations

Analyze and track your website’s performance

If you have the right information about where your website’s traffic is coming from and how users are performing on your website, you will be better informed and able to make calculated business decisions that affect your revenue. In order to make these decisions for your business, you want to make sure you have the proper tracking in place, goals configured, and customized views for reporting on your performance for all digital marketing channels.

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Custom Configurations

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics program that exists today, and Google has invested more time and funding into making their analytics program increasingly more robust.

As part of our Google Analytics configuration process, Logical Media Group will set up your website for analytics tracking, and our Google Analytics agency offers custom configuration scopes based on each client’s needs and priorities. Google Analytics configurations include the following services, customized for your business’s needs.

Analytics Code Configuration

The first thing a Google Analytics Agency needs to do in a configuration is install the Analytics tracking code on the respective website in order for your business to start seeing numbers and making decisions.

Goal Configuration

In order to see how your website is performing, you’ll want to see conversion numbers. The best way to track conversions is with Analytics goals. Our team can talk to you about what data you prefer and implement the goal tracking.

Custom Reports

Once your goals are set up, our team will recommend and create custom reports based on what type of traffic you want to see, such as traffic from a certain medium or a certain set of pages you want to see data for.

Custom Views

In order to get more accurate data for your Google Analytics account, our team will create custom views. For example, Analytics allows users to set up a view which filters out employee traffic. If your property collects data from both a website and mobile app, it’s good practice to separate that data in a custom view. There are a number of views that can be set up, including location and social network traffic.

Cross Domain Tracking

With cross domain tracking, data is able to be collected from multiple websites, making sure someone who goes from one site to another is tracked as a single user. This will make sure you get correct attribution for purchases and leads.

E-commerce Tracking

Tracking online transactions is a must for e-commerce websites. This Google Analytics feature will allow your business to see metrics such as revenue, total number of products sold, and average order value.

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Director of Marketing

What our clients say about us

“Logical went above and beyond in working with our other third party vendors to collaboratively get our analytics firing exactly as it should be, and then taking the extra step to validate several times and ensure we understand how to interpret the data within GA.”

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