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Digital Marketing FAQs

What do you need to know? We are happy to give you information on how Logical Media Group’s marketing efforts are put to work, whether it is in SEO and content marketing campaigns, Amazon marketplace optimizations, or through Paid Social Media Marketing plans. Are you looking to enhance your website design through data-driven processes from our web and creative team? We have you covered here.

Do you have other marketing questions — a more general digital marketing question or a more niche FAQ — that did not get answered here in our digital marketing FAQs? We are here for you! Send an email and we are happy to answer or have a conversation about our favorite thing: digital marketing!

What is our Marketing Process for For Website Design Clients?

Kick Off Meeting

After deciding to work with Logical Media Group, the first step in our process is to schedule a formal kick-off meeting. In this meeting, we will discuss your overall goals and objectives for the project and learn as much as we can about your business and audiences, striving to become an external part of your marketing department. From the knowledge gained in this meeting, our team will devise a forward moving strategy to meet your goals which will determine the layout and design of your website.


Our team determines the pages that should be included on your website and how each will be prioritized in the navigation to enhance user experience, informational flow, and conversion rates.


In this step, our team sketches out mock-ups of each unique page of your website. This allows for our clients to have a clear visual representation of the website from a design and content standpoint before any actual coding has begun.


Now that the Sitemap and Wireframe steps have been completed, our development team can begin the process of building your website on our staging server. The website will not be live to anyone outside of your company, but our team will be able to provide a link which allows for you to interact with the website as it is being built.


To guarantee the website functions 100% as promised, our team takes the fully developed website through a vigorous testing process. This assures all functionality, responsiveness, and design elements are fully operational prior to the scheduled launch.


We empower our clients to be able to update and retain full ownership of their newly launched websites. Our team will provide thorough WordPress training on the tools needed to update, maintain, and scale your website moving forward. And yes! You will have full access to your website and its functionality once the website has been published and is live to everyone on the internet.

What is our Marketing Process for SEO and Content, Email Marketing and CRM, Amazon Marketplace, Paid Media, or Fractional CMO Clients

Kick Off Meeting

This is one of the most important steps as we understand who you are as a brand. Understanding the brand voice of your organization is vital going forward for whatever channel, or channels, you are utilizing with Logical. After meeting with your Account Manager — who will guide you through the partnership and be your point of contact for the Logical team that works alongside you — and the rest of the team, then the real work begins for the team.

Build Strategy

As a Chicago-based company, it would be a missed opportunity to not include a Midwest saying so, here goes: creating the digital marketing strategy for any client — including what KPIs to hit and understanding the specific metrics that will be best reported on to, in the future, grow the campaigns to their fullest capacity — is the true meat and potatoes of our partnership.

And when we say partnership, we mean it! The work the Logical Media Group team does on any client reflects out to large groups of people and when a client and digital marketing agency partnership is working out well, those large groups of people will be positively impacted. Building out the marketing strategy for SEO or PPC campaigns or email automations or anything in between is a chance to build our relationships even more and we don’t let those chances go to waste.

Meeting Cadence

Because we set those KPIs and want to track the data and metrics to showcase to you, the client, what is working and what is not working, we understand that there needs to be a cadence for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly — whatever it is — check ins between the Logical Media Group team partners and the client partners. By doing so, this only enhances the work by allowing the Logical team to better understand the business goals and track how the strategy needs to change or improve with external and internal factors.

What types of industries do we work with?

Logical Media Group partners with clients in a wide variety of industries. We pride ourselves on the ability to fully immerse ourselves in your business and become a true extension of your team through understanding your clients or consumers as well as delving into the brand awareness of the organization.

Although we have clients from across the country, we enjoy the opportunity to work with clients that are local to the Chicago area, in order to develop in person partnerships. A few industries that we commonly work with are listed below, but not limited to:

  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Software and Technology
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Law
  • CPG
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Education

What size businesses do we work with?

Logical has worked with clients of all different shapes and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to up-and-coming small businesses to local nonprofits, and we are waiting to begin a partnership with your organization. Our digital marketing experts, ranging from email marketing managers and CRM strategists to search engine optimization and paid social media and paid search marketing campaign specialists, are here to guide you in your digital marketing strategies.

We are malleable digital marketers and appreciate honing into different brands and understanding what makes your customers tick. Regardless of the types of digital marketing for which you utilize Logical Media Group, our team members will look to your business goals and identify key performance indicators to strive for, achieve, and surpass. With our digital marketing services ready to be consumed and utilized, our digital marketers are ready to create a cohesive spread of data-driven insights that were created using marketing tools such as Google Analytics, SEMRush, and HubSpot, while initiating digital marketing campaigns and strategies that will keep users coming back for more of your brand.