Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know?

What is our website design process?

Kick-off Meeting: After you have decided to work with Logical Media Group, the first step in our process is to schedule a formal kick-off meeting at our office or yours. In this meeting, we will discuss your overall goals and objectives for the project and learn as much as we can about your business and audiences, striving to become an external part of your marketing department. From the knowledge gained in this meeting, our team will devise a forward moving strategy to meet your goals which will determine the layout and design of your website.

Sitemap: Our team determines the pages that should be included on your website and how each will be prioritized in the navigation to enhance user experience, informational flow, and conversion rates.

Wireframes: In this step, our team sketches out mock-ups of each unique page of your website. This allows for our clients to have a clear visual representation of the website from a design and content standpoint before any actual coding has begun.

Production: Now that the Sitemap and Wireframes have been completed, our development team can begin the process of building your website on our staging server. The website will not be live to anyone outside of your company, but our team will be able to provide a link which allows for you to interact with the website as it is being built.

Testing: To guarantee the website functions 100% as promised, our team takes the fully developed website through a vigorous testing process. This assures all functionality, responsiveness, and design elements are fully operational prior to the scheduled launch.

Training: We empower our clients to be able to update and retain full ownership of their newly launched websites. Our team will provide thorough WordPress training on the tools needed to update, maintain, and scale your website moving forward.

What types of industries do we work with?

Logical Media Group partners with clients in a wide variety of industries. We pride ourselves on the ability to fully immerse ourselves in your business and become a true extension of your team. We also really enjoy the opportunity to work with clients that are local to the Chicago area, in order to develop a personal relationship. A few industries that we commonly work with are listed below, but not limited to:

  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Software & Technology
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Law
  • CPG
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Education

What size businesses do we work with?

Logical has worked with clients of all different shapes and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local non-profits.

How long will the website take to complete?

The timelines for our projects vary greatly and are determined by different aspects of your website, including size, functionality and more. However, most websites can be completed and launched in 6-10 weeks.

Will I be able to update the website on my own after it launches?

Yes! The final step in our process is an interactive training session. Our team will provide thorough WordPress training on the tools needed to update, maintain, and scale your website moving forward.

How involved will I be in the design process?

Our process is very collaborative, so our clients are involved throughout the process. Although our team will be doing all of the heavy lifting, we do ask our clients to provide information, feedback, and revisions to assure the final product that we deliver is on target with your vision.