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Case Study – Anning-Johnson

A Unique Challenge

Anning-Johnson Company is one of the country’s largest specialty construction companies. With an over 75 year history, they are the premier trade contractor in eight markets across the US.


  • UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy

Key Features

  • Custom Iconography
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Strategic Call to Actions
  • Visual Mega Menu


Anning Johnson came to The Ocean Agency with the primary goals of revitalizing their brand identity, highlighting that they are a national company with local resources, driving recruitment and ensuring that site visitors can find the right service offering easily. They faced a unique challenge because, although they have multiple locations across the United States, the services offerings varied from location to location.


Providing users information in the way they prefer

During the discovery process we uncovered that Anning Johnson visitors looked to get their needs met primarily two ways. Either by looking for the name of the service offering or by the geographic region of the location that they are in. We leveraged that information to employ a navigation that allowed users to navigate to the services or locations directly from the main navigation. Also, following that same strategy, we implemented a filter on the portfolio page. Projects can be search either by location or what service was performed.

Improving the recruitment experience

Increasing recruitment leads was major goal for Anning Johnson. The first issue we identified that could be a potential road block to generating interest from applicants, was that the old site did not provide/highlight the company culture. To remedy that, we designed a new careers section that included a landing page that provided information on the culture of Anning Johnson and why anyone would want to work there.

Custom Iconography

Anning Johnson’s service offerings presented a challenge to represent visually. Services included roofing, metal decking, abatement and removal, etc. Due to the complexity of the services, there were little to no existing visual assets we could leverage to represent their services. Therefore, we enlisted our in house Illustrator to create custom icons fo reach service. But, we didn’t stop there; we also created custom icons for each of the cities where they have locations.

“I worked with Logical on a complete rebuild of two websites for our subsidiary companies. We needed a more modern website that could be easily navigated by visitors and captured our company’s services, locations, and culture with images rather than text. The team at Logical was extremely skilled and knowledgeable in creating a website that went beyond our expectations. The Logical team guided us through the process, challenged us when appropriate, and delivered exceptional results. Thank you for helping us showcase our great company.”

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