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Case Study – Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI)

Effective Paid Marketing for Surgical Professionals

Located in both Huntersville and Greensboro, North Carolina, Carolina Age Management Institute is a medical spa renowned for its hair restoration service. Amongst other services like body sculpting and dermal fillers, CAMI’s hair restoration offering revitalizes the confidence of individuals through its premium solutions. They prioritize quality service and client satisfaction and, in recent times, have been keen to optimize their outreach through paid initiatives.

41% increase

Leads increased from 34 to 48

64% increase

in keywords ranking top 3

60% increase

in keywords ranking top 10

The Challenge

In 2022, Carolina Age Management Institute collaborated with Logical Media Group with the intent of maximizing the potential of their paid advertising campaigns for their hair restoration service. They desired to elevate both the quantity and quality of leads, ensuring the elimination of irrelevant or spam leads from their pipeline.

The Approach

The strategy sought to channel potential clients to a specialized “Request A Consultation” landing page, ensuring that the process remained seamless for the client while being an optimally effective paid marketing strategy for CAMI.

Logical’s approach was nuanced and meticulously tailored. Recognizing the diverse digital marketing landscape and the specificity required for CAMI’s objectives, Logical crafted a strategy that fragmented keyword themes into compact, high-intent ad groups.

These ad groups were not just about volume; they were about precision — making sure every lead that came through was genuinely interested and had a higher likelihood of conversion.

The Results

By Q3 of 2022, CAMI’s paid initiatives reflected significant improvements compared to Q3 of 2021. There was a noticeable increase in leads, but more importantly, these leads were qualified, underlining the effectiveness of the refined paid marketing approach.

The Click-Through Rate (CTR) for this period registered a noteworthy Year-over-Year (YoY) increment. Concurrently, CAMI observed an increase in both impressions and clicks.

With respect to SEO and keyword performance, for which, CAMI also underwent an SEO strategy that looked at the site more holistically, in addition to pinpointing several hair restoration keywords:

  • In September 2022, CAMI targeted 4.6k keywords which surged just a few months later to 5.9k by January 2023.
  • Keywords ranking in the top 10 positions in September 2022 were at 378; this leapt to 604 by January 2023, highlighting the strategy’s impact.

Among CAMI’s top-performing keywords in January 2023:

  • “hair restoration consultation cost” (900 monthly search volume (MSV)): Position 2
  • “best hair restoration methods” (1,200 MSV): Position 3
  • “is hair restoration worth it” (450 MSV): Position 1
  • “latest hair restoration techniques” (300 MSV): Position 4

A critical aspect of LMG’s strategy was understanding the interplay between volume and value.

While increasing the site’s visibility was critical, it was equally crucial to ensure it was visible to the right demographic — those genuinely interested in hair restoration solutions.

Through this dual-pronged strategy, Logical helped CAMI not only boost its digital presence but also ensure that this presence translated into tangible business value.

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