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Semi-transparent image of a green John Deere tractor with the Fastline logo in the top left

Case Study – Fastline

The Case for Content on Listing Sites

A marketing group that is built on listing various types of farm and construction equipment (including listings from dealers found across the US), Fastline’s scope of work consisted of a content marketing campaign.

Logical used a proven strategy that drives traffic and builds brand awareness, while also improving keyword rankings: internal linking and content clusters. 

The partnership between Logical and Fastline began in 2020 (with content marketing having been started in 2022), with the latter featuring small pieces of content on the website, no designated blog page, and the blog featuring no new content from the previous two years.

151% increase

Organic search sessions increased from 289 to 2,047 over the course of 7 months.


keywords that blog posts ranked for (in March 2023)

The Approach and Strategy

From extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to researching popular content topic ideas, Logical created a blog content calendar. This content calendar featured blog articles had two goals in mind:

  1. Topical blogs would lead to a greater increase in organic traffic to the Fastline website.
  2. Identified and intentional organic keywords would be added to blog posts that Fastline would rank for on the search engine results pages in good positions, increasing the visibility to the site.

The Results

In August of 2022, Fastline’s blog section had just 289 organic sessions. 

After writing 14 new articles, Fastline’s blog posts had 2,047 organic search sessions in March 2023.

In March 2023, Fastline’s blog posts ranked for 567 keywords, including 127 keywords in the Top 3 of Google’s search results.

Fastline’s respective blog posts ranked for the following keywords in March 2023:

  • “price of tractor” (480 monthly search volume): Position 1
  • “how much does a tractor cost” (1,600 MSV): Position 1
  • “used tractor value calculator” (140 MSV): Position 3
  • “best tractors for small farms” (170 MSV): Position 5
  • “how does a manure spreader work” (50 MSV): Position 6

Furthermore, Fastline’s blog “titled “how much does a tractor cost” was able to rank for a total of 171 keywords – 77 in the Top 3. 

One SEO benefit to content marketing is building a site’s topical authority — a measure of a website’s credibility on a certain subject matter. The more content a website has about a specific topic, the more search engines and readers will see a site as a subject matter expert. 

When a website has topical authority, the site earns trustworthiness for searches related to specific topics. One goal for this content strategy was to build topical authority for tractor-related keywords, and improve rankings for keywords around tractors.

By incorporating an approach based on SEO-focused content marketing, with the main factors identified as comprehensive keyword research and internal linking opportunities, the partnership saw success through growth in organic traffic and user visits in less than a year.

Through this dual-pronged strategy, Logical helped CAMI not only boost its digital presence but also ensure that this presence translated into tangible business value.

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