Display Advertising

Logical has been managing paid media buying since 2006. For over a decade the display ecosystem has evolved as much as any other digital marketing space. Staying on top of the latest in technology to compete effectively has been at the forefront of our strategy.

There are two arenas to compete in Display Advertising. There is the Google Display Network (GDN), and
there is the Programmatic Display Network.

Programmatic Display Advertising

In a similar fashion to having a trading desk on the floor of the stock exchange, our Logical Trading Desk (LTD) technology allows us to have a virtual trading desk on the floor of the display ecosystem. We literally bypass all of the DMPs and buy directly into site inventory.
The trade desk technology has the most state of the art advanced targeting capabilities that allows our team to identify the most appropriate times one of your customers is on a website and to display an advertisement to them. Our technology allows us to build “Look-a-Like” audiences for your target customer audience and programmatically bid more aggressively as soon as your prospective customers are actively navigating a website’s pages. We place tracking code on all of our client’s sites to begin collecting data on their target audience so that when our clients are ready to move forward with Display, we already have the data collected on their target demographic and can launch a campaign quickly. In addition to display targeting, we can also retarget very specifically using the Trade Desk technology. Trade Desk retargeting not only finds departed site visitors who are navigating across the display eco-system, but more importantly can find them on social media.

“Logical Media Group has been an extremely valuable partner to RAM Racing over the last few years in helping to broaden our digital reach. Whether it is through Display Advertising, PPC, SEO, Social Media Ads or Web Design, Logical’s ability to deliver at the highest level, while always keeping our business goals at the forefront, has had an immensely positive impact on our business.”

Patrick McInerney, Ram Racing

Google Display Advertising(GDN)

The GDN is managed within the AdWords interface. Targeting on the GDN can be done either contextually or with placements. Contextual targeting will allow you to find sites that are relevant in content based on the keywords you select. For example, if you are selling sports equipment, an ESPN article on sports is where you can show a display ad on the GDN.

You can also be very specific and place media buys on specific sites using Google’s placements technology whereby you select specific sites to publish your advertisements. Over the years, Google has invested significantly in their research and development to increase their targeting and retargeting capabilities. There have been significant improvements to the levels of sophistication on the GDN for contextual, placement and retargeting

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