• Title: SEO Strategist
  • Hometown: Kansas City
  • Education: University of Missouri
  • Work Background / Accomplishments: Aside from my experience with SEO, I have worked across the digital marketing spectrum, from copywriting and email marketing to social media and affiliate marketing. I’ve had the pleasure of working both client- and agency-side, and my experience working in the investing and mortgage industries has given me a soft spot for marketing in the financial space.
  • Any Pets? Two goofy, lovable shelter dogs
  • Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, camping, and running
  • Favorite Chicago Bar / Restaurant: Homeslice
  • Book(s) you are currently reading: Bad Blood — the story of the rise and fall of a Silicon Valley fraud
  • Describe your role at LMG / TOA: I identify opportunities for increased visibility, engagement, and conversion in the digital space and make it happen!