How to Prepare for Prime Day

Prime Day is one of the largest online shopping days of the year with over $7B (marketplace sellers were $2B) in sales in 2019. It all started back in 2015 when Amazon turned 20 years old. They had one goal in mind – offer more deals than Black Friday for Prime members only. 

This is a global shopping event for Amazon and usually lasts for 48 hours. The date of Prime Day isn’t released to the public until the day gets closer, but it’s usually the first or second Monday after July 4th. Sellers and Vendors have an amazing opportunity to capitalize on this event and, because the day often arrives post-Independence Day holiday, it would be smart to know how to prepare for Prime Day earlier in the year Many brick and mortar stores have even started to create their own “holiday” during Prime Day, capitalizing on the online shopping experience Amazon has created.

A Note for the Upcoming Prime Day Sale Start

Expect more Prime members to be shopping as Amazon likely added Prime members from the past two years due to the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on online shopping.

Here are some helpful tips from our Amazon Marketplace team of experts that will get your product listings, marketing strategies, and fulfillment options ready for the start of the upcoming Prime Day Sale.

Product Listing Optimization

  • Images

  • Potential customers will appreciate knowing exactly how your products appear. We recommend a minimum of 5 images
    • TIP: 2000 x 2000 pixels help take advantage of the zoom function
  • Titles

  • Ensure your titles follow Amazon’s guidelines and best practices
    • TIP: Aim for 80 characters, maximum title length is 200
  • Prices

  • Set your products at the best possible price during Prime Day – be bold. Because of Prime Day’s overwhelming success in previous years, users are fully expecting amazing deals.
  • Description

  • Provide customers with as much information about your products as possible.
    • TIP: the tags <br>, <p>, <b> can be used to add flair to your description. In other words, you can implement these to craft aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read content.
  • Videos

  • If you’re enrolled in Brand Registry, add videos to your products. Compelling videos will capture users’ attention and keep them curious about everything you have to offer.
  • A+ content

  • If you’re enrolled in Brand Registry, add A+ content to your top SKUs. Believe it or not, people are reading!
  • Search Terms

  • A top priority for Amazon’s search engine to find and rank your product.
    • TIP: do not duplicate words from the title, bullet points, or description
  • Reviews and answers to questions

  • How many reviews do your listings have?
  • Early Reviewer program and/or Vine program to boost number
  • Be responsive to questions – often, users will have similar inquiries. By replying accurately and promptly, you inform prospective customers and help them save time.
  • Seller review rating

  • Sellers can receive feedback from those who purchase their products. To boost your rating, provide customers with exceptional service. The higher your rating, the higher the likelihood prospective customers will trust you and your business.

Fulfillment Suggestions

  • Shipping

  • Consider Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), if not already
  • If items are fulfilled by the seller, consider Seller Prime if available or offer free two day shipping
  • Be proactive in the months leading up to Prime Day

  • Truthfully, you probably will need to start preparing for Prime Day not just weeks but months in advance. Process orders as soon as possible to keep your fulfillment rating as high as possible. This way, by the time other businesses are noticing the upcoming Prime Day sale start, you’re already ahead of them and you won’t have to play catch-up.
  • Order Management

  • You will want to process quickly during Prime Day to avoid hold-ups for both your business and your customers
  • Stock Levels

  • For the weeks leading up to and after Prime Day, ensure stock levels are appropriate. Having sufficient stock can help prevent delays.
  • Amazon will give priority to items that are Prime

  • This means items arrive to customers’ doors quicker, resulting in increased satisfaction and positive reviews for your business!

Marketing Options

  • Lightning Deals

  • Apply early; consider 3-6 months before Prime Day
  • Amazon Advertising during Prime Day(s)

  • Consider increasing ad spend 2 days before, during, and 2 days after to maximize impressions
  • Coupons

  • Great for creating awareness and sales leading up to Prime Day
  • Outside of Amazon marketing opportunities

  • Google ads, banner ads
  • Drive traffic to multiple places, including your own site
  • Build anticipation by cross-promoting a few days before

  • Build the hype with ads, sales, and deals leading up to Prime Day
  • Remember Prime Day is no longer a single day on the internet, but an event spread across multiple days on Amazon and other sites.
  • Consider bundling to provide more value

  • Offer a gift with purchase
  • Entice prospective customers by promoting two SKUs often purchased together

Product Listing Optimization – How Logical Can Help

  • Full audit and update of product listings

  • Includes recommendations and updates for the following: images, videos, product titles, bullet points, descriptions, and basic backend keywords
  • Partial Audit

  • Includes recommendations but no updates for the following: images, videos, product titles, bullet points, descriptions, and basic backend keywords
  • Vine Program Support

  • Invitation only program
  • Select group of Amazon reviewers
  • Product is provided free of charge to the consumer
  • Unbiased reviews – 5 star review not guaranteed
  • A+ Product Pages

  • Early Review Program Support

  • For those Amazon Standardized Identification Numbers (ASINs) with less than 5 reviews
  • There is a cost per ASIN to enroll in this program
  • Unbiased reviews – 5 star reviews not guaranteed

Fulfillment Support – How Logical Can Help

  • Support with FBA Setup

  • Includes understanding how to get started, best practices, and analyzing financials with client.
  • Does not include managing inventory levels or fulfilling/sending inventory to Amazon’s warehouses

Marketing Options – How Logical Can Help

  • Lightning Deal Setup

  • Amazon Advertising during Prime Day(s)

  • Our team is eager to help you reach your goals, and we want to aid you on the days of the Prime Day sales
  • Coupon Setup Support

  • Logical partners with you to ensure customers can take full advantage of your coupon offerings

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