The Hidden Conversions: Seeing the Bigger Picture with Multi Channel Funnel Reports and Assisted Conversions


One of the most common problems digital marketers run into, whether they are managing their SEM campaigns in house or for an agency, is how best to track conversions. There are tracking codes, analytics tools, tag mangers, attribution models, time lag, conversion funnels, soft conversions, hard conversions, events, goals – I am sure we could…

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Where Does Fake News Come From? The Number One Influencer of Misinformation and How It’s Driven


Who would have thought the childhood game Telephone would be as relevant to our day-to-day experiences as adults? We all remember playing the game. One person would whisper an arbitrary statement into their neighbor’s ear, who would in turn whisper into their neighbor’s ear, and so on and so forth until the last person hears…

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