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Digital E-Commerce Support:

Many E-commerce clients are understandably concerned, but Logical remains determined to continue providing our partners with the highest quality service and industry research as the pandemic evolves. It’s critical to remember that for E-commerce companies, COVID-19 presents just as much potential for growth as it does uncertainty. We’re happy to share some of our recent client success stories, provide consultation on transitioning to E-commerce, or simply answer questions that may pertain to your business, free of charge. We’re committed to serving as a resource for our community, in whatever way we can. To schedule a call with our team, please email

Learn More About the Impact of COVID-19 on E-Commerce

Past Pandemic Market Trend Lines:

We met with our Google Premier Partner executive this week, and he shared a handful of data points on the company’s insights into the marketplace, both with COVID and similar previous global events. I wanted to pass along some of these insights. Most notably, Google has seen significant increases in E-commerce business. The charts below show three past pandemics and their local market’s response over time.  In all three instances, you can see the market drops significantly and then rebounds with a spike before normalizing and returning to pre-pandemic levels.  These are, of course, localized past case studies, however I am confident we will see a similar outcome in the United States and Global markets.

I am encouraged by how, both nationally and globally, our citizens are coming together to combat this pandemic.  I remain hopeful that this crisis will improve and end soon.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your Logical team or me at

Thank you,

Chris O’Neill

Helpful Youtube Videos:

Youtube traffic has also increased significantly.  In addition to passing along these business insights, I wanted to provide a few videos my family and I have personally found interesting and helpful in hopes they are of use to you and yours:

Chris O'Neill

CEO at Logical Media Group