We are all too familiar with the e-commerce behemoth, Amazon. Amazon has dominated online shopping by elevating customer expectations, building communal trust through reviews, and optimizing their site for the paramount user experience. In 2019, Digital Commerce delineated that Amazon produced 37.5% of all online U.S. sales. And despite the pandemic, Facteus reported that consumers spent 60% more on Amazon in May-June, 2020.


While Amazon Advertising is tried-and-true, brands also need to establish off-Amazon digital marketing strategies to fuel product sales. But how should brands do so? Well, I am glad you asked. Logical’s paid media team has a proven track record for driving off-Amazon sales through traditional channels like Google and Facebook by utilizing Amazon Attribution and ZonTracker. 


What is Amazon Attribution? 

Amazon Attribution (beta) is a free analytics console that helps measure the effectiveness of non-Amazon tactics that generate sales on Amazon. This beta product is available to professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies with clients who sell products on Amazon. Common non-Amazon publishers include Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, Google Display, Choozle, eBay, Hulu, LinkedIn, and many more! The Attribution API recently launched a closed beta that allows Kenshoo, Marin Software, Perpetua, and Quartile to integrate Amazon’s data within their management dashboards (a HUGE time saver for your agency!)


Amazon Attribution: Proof is in the Puddling

One of our e-commerce clients tested whether or not Amazon Attribution could increase conversion rates. By driving traffic from Google to Amazon, we took advantage of Amazon’s superior domain authority and landing experience. The test resulted in 133% increase in paid search return on ad spend (ROAS), 9x increase in purchases, 130% increase in revenue, and 243% increase in paid search conversion rates. Yet on a more detailed note, the quality score of the keyword [closet freshener] increased from 4 to 10, as the brand’s product pages contain more keyword-optimized content. By introducing Amazon Attribution, the client experienced their most successful month to date! 


What is ZonTracker?

ZonTracker is the first third-party tool that allows brands to optimize towards Amazon Sales on Facebook. Placing their Amazon pixel allows you to aggregate off-Amazon sales data within the Facebook UI, monitor ROAS, and build remarketing and lookalike audiences off of past purchasers.  


ZonTracker: Unmatched Amazon Audiences

Another one of our paid media clients implemented ZonTracker for two primary reasons: track Facebook sales made on Amazon and build audiences off of Amazon customers who purchased their products. On Amazon Prime Day 2020, their ZonTracker audiences generated a 3.43 ROAS, which was 971.9% higher than prospecting audiences and 662.22% higher than lookalike audiences. ZonTracker audiences are built off of Amazon product ASINs and can be compiled in a variety of ways to bolster your account’s performance. 


If you’re looking to drive off-Amazon sales through paid media channels like Facebook and Google, Amazon Attribution and ZonTracker could be the key to your success! Do you need assistance implementing these marketing technologies? Contact the Logical team today!