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Home Is Where the Zoom Calls Are

I think I hear little footsteps. Is that Lucy knocking on the door during this client call? Oh no, is this a BBC news interview moment? Panic overcomes me, then relief, when I hear the client kindly ask “Do you need to take a second? It’s totally fine.”

Since March 2020, that has been the reality for a lot of working parents. Along with a shift in how employers and employees think about work, came a shift in where we’re actually doing work. That hybrid work model allows working parents, like myself and others at Logical Media Group, the workplace flexibility and peace of mind to find actual work-life balance.

A child plays with wooden blocks as an adult is in the background on a computer

Workplace Flexibility First

According to a recent Great Place to Work® article, “Employee surveys [we] gathered throughout 2020 and into May 2021 reveal the same. Words such as ‘hybrid,’ ‘flexibility,’ and ‘remote’ were mentioned by more than 53,000 employees when asked what they like about their workplace or what could make their workplace better. ‘Going forward, place shouldn’t matter, but flexibility should,’ says Great Place to Work’s CEO, Michael C. Bush. ‘I don’t think of the hybrid future as one of physical space. I think of it as really caring for people and giving them the flexibility that’s needed to have a high sense of well-being’.”

Logical Media Group is repeatedly Great Place to Work Certified, showing up for employees at all stages of life and career. Being a working mom of two tiny — yet very active — humans, the following perks have been particularly helpful for the limited resources that I have (time, sanity, and creativity):

  • Hybrid work environment. LMG is a flexible-first company, so employees have the option to work 100% remotely — or go into our beautiful Chicago office which remains open for use. Understanding the importance of workplace flexibility facilitates a better working environment for employees in any life stage.
  • Flexible Fridays. LMG has an indefinite Flexible Friday policy that allows employees to get their weekends started early (which in my case, means loading into the wagon and heading to the park down the street).
  • Mental health days. LMG offers agency-wide mental health days to employees so that we can decompress, rest, and recharge. 

Support Is Critical to Success

Being a parent is hard work. Being a parent at a job you dislike, at a company that doesn’t value your personal time, is unbearable. I returned to work six weeks postpartum after giving birth to my son. I worked through contractions while in labor with my daughter to make sure I made a deadline. 

Yet with the shift in how we think about work — and with more value than ever being put on employee happiness and well-being — it’s time for working parents to find companies that do value them. I’m proud to say that Logical is one of those places, and I’m thankful for the constant support and encouragement I receive from my colleagues.

If you are interested in applying for a job at Logical, we’re hiring! If you’re looking for additional resources, The Mom Project and The Returnity Project are great places to begin.