Choosing the proper WordPress theme to communicate the message and products of your E-Commerce site is crucial. You need a theme that matches your style, offers ample room for information, and is powerful enough to boast the product line you want to sell. There are many different E-Commerce templates out there, and it can be intimidating, so we compiled a list of successful templates to choose from, including a description to help you make the correct decision. These are sorted in no particular order, and feature themes capable of portraying a wide array of commerce items.

1. The Retailer – getbowtied

A very clean, slick, simplistic interface for E-Commerce, geared towards a clothing shop theme. Plenty of areas to promote items, feature comments and reviews, and even an option to include blog posts. It’s easy to navigate, not over-cluttered with information.

2. Benissimo – InfoStyle

Sporting a retro theme, this E-Commerce theme has a unique, small-town boutique feel, suited for food or restaurant websites. Browsing items and adding them to a cart, then checking out with the cart, is well done, and easy to use and understand. The colors and design are whimsical and appealing to the eye.

3. Coquette – WooThemes

Very straight-forward; An E-Commerce site through and through. The site is simple, focusing entirely on the product, descriptions and imagery. There aren’t lots of apps, widgets and links to mess with, so it’s easy to integrate.

4. Montreal – David Woolf

Designed for band and musician use, this theme gives the user opportunity to share all of the important information on the front page, without over doing it. There is ample space for imagery and albums, a shop area already integrated, and even a slick application to view music from each album, and listen to it easily.

5. Camy – Premium Coding

For the business who needs some extra power! This theme has massive space on the homepage for features, shop items, blog posts, information, and many other things. This theme would be best for a much larger E-Commerce shop. To keep the viewer grounded, the menu bar automatically sticks to the top of the page, making navigation easier.

6. 456 Shop – lidplussdesign

Massive navigation makes a site requiring a large number of pages and categories an easy task. Built to mock a Pinterest theme, you have the ability to collage together a large number of images, minimizing text. Definitely intended for a large business with a giant amount of product.

7. Vera – Umbrella Studios

A slick, engaging theme, well-suited for a clothing shop. The landing page entices you with a massive image area, and simple navigation at the top. It eliminates the need to scroll down, if a customer is in a hurry. The whole theme makes the customers experience much easier.

8. LookShop – Transparent Ideas

The preview for this theme displays furniture sales, which seems to suit it well. The layout is clean and simplistic, relying on very little color, except to highlight important information. The navigation is geared towards categories, which makes setup very easy. Viewing products becomes intuitive with options to filter categories and price ranges built into the theme.

9. Kallyas – Marius Hogas

Utilizing Woocommerce, this theme is powerful and built to create a user-friendly shopping dynamic. The theme combines both vast integration for your shop needs, as well as ample space for information, links, blogs, comments, and reviews. There are also a number of customizations that you can make, including colors and page layout.

10. Koorsi – Tokokoo

A very simple, clean website that is light and airy. Only the most important, basic information is displayed on the homepage, and the shopping cart is located in the left-hand sidebar, making it easy to locate and edit, rather than searching the entire page for the cart. The simplicity of the site makes it easy to navigate for those who may be less tech-savy.

11. Haute – Design Crumbs

Designed for image-driven sales, this site is very simple, with a major focus on imagery. The navigation is easy to use, making it simple for customers to find what they want. There isn’t much room for blogs, videos, reviews and what not, which makes this theme perfect for simplistic navigation and ease of finding what the customer wants, without endless mucking through blogs and promotional materials.

12. EmolaShop – Dahz

This theme offers not just one layout for your shop and home page, but two. This gives you ultimate power in customization, to find the setup that works best for your projects. The theme is also airy and light, and highly responsive.

13. Forte – Pixedelic

Both highly responsive and capable of handling tons of information, this theme is perfect for a large-scale E-Commerce business. The homepage features room for tons of information, making this a great choice for both E-Commerce, as well as for a home site for a business. The shopping cart, social media, and client login live in a hidden sidebar, minimizing the links at the top of the page, and includes a nifty slide-out feature to view these features.

14. Frenzy – Bonfire Lab

Don’t let the preview page scare you, this theme is built for customization. Any kind of unique feature, page, or setting you need, this theme will surely have it. The preview page is absolutely loaded with features, widgets, image sliders, and many other things, but this is just to show you what it is capable of.

15. iCaroStore – Themesforge

This theme is extremely easy to navigate and understand, with a number of different page layouts available. When setting up your website, this will make it much easier to create a number of different pages with ease, minus the need to edit very much. There is also a section to view what each of the shortcodes will look like, giving you even more options for customization with ease.

16. Organic Shop – Quite Nice Stuff

Organic Shops WordPress theme is self-explanatory, it’s best suited for organic or bath and body sales. The site has a very condensed, organic feel, and is extremely easy to navigate and use. There is also a testimonials page already built, just waiting for you to add your comments!

17. Cooker – Design Mania

Cooker is a theme with a very specific market; Restaurants, and especially Italian or pizza. The site already has a number of custom graphics themed for this. The site is set up solely for displaying products and ordering. The basis of this theme makes it very selective, only applying to a small demographic of E-Commerce shops, but if this theme fits into your demographic, it will make a big splash!

18. ShopPress – Ghost Pool

Featuring bold looks and colors, this theme makes an instant impression on viewers. There is ample space and options to build massively functional menu, as well as a diverse selection of shortcodes, enabling you to customize your website to the fullest. The items pages have sections for featured items, related items, and new items, which makes marketing on each page a possibility.

19. Simplicity – Olegnax

Customization to the max! This theme allows you to choose and customize all of the colors, as well as boasting a massive selection of usable fonts, to create a site that is fully unique. There are also a number of page templates already created, from audio to embedded video pages. There are also three shop layouts to choose from, including Woocommerce, so you can choose what fits your needs the best.

20. Enfinity – Pixedelic

Curious just what customizations you can make before you fork over money to buy a theme? This theme gives you the option of seeing the actual WordPress theme editing in the WP Admin panels. Your able to change things to see what the preview looks like, but obviously it doesn’t permanently change them. The customization capabilities are practically endless, giving you the ability to change skins, colors, layout, and just about anything else you can think of.

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