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Logical Media Group was born out of a desire to build something unique in the digital marketing landscape of Chicago. What started as a passion project on nights and weekends became a full-time search marketing operation in 2006. While our organic and paid search services took off, we had a vision greater than expertise in a single channel. Then and now, we seek to create a holistic digital marketing offering. We do this by developing the skill sets and interests of our existing talent base, and by adding to our team to bring our services to the next level.


In 2014, Logical took its first step toward expansion when we acquired The Ocean Agency, which offered web design as a complementary service to our customers. Now – more than 7 years and multiple new service offerings later – we were ready for the next step.  This summer, Logical acquired SoMe Digital Media (SoMe), expanding our integrated digital marketing services to include data-informed brand marketing, brand messaging and creative services.


In the early days of Logical, the challenge of building a successful digital marketing agency was daunting enough; the idea of acquiring two other successful businesses along the way would probably have seemed impossible. Since its inception, Logical has embraced change and evolution: chasing innovation and refusing to back down from a challenge so that we could be the best possible partners to our clients.


Our strength at Logical has always been our data-driven strategies and technical prowess. But as we continued to scale and evolve our strategies as omnichannel marketers, it was clear something was missing. We needed to compliment our analytical approach to digital marketing with a best-in-class creative perspective. We knew how to find the right audiences, now we needed to be able to draw them in. Fortunately, our vision has become reality with the acquisition of SoMe, pairing the strength of our analytically driven digital services with another agency offering a similar overall product, only with a far more creative minded perspective.


This is a move that will dramatically elevate our capabilities across every channel, but more importantly will increase the value we are able to pass along to our clients and partners. Additionally, we will now have an experienced creative team for branding services, graphic design, video creation, content strategy, and paid advertising creative. Logical is now a fully functional one-stop-shop for digital marketing.


SoMe’s owner Madhavi Rao will be joining Logical and assuming the position of Director of Marketing and Operations. I am excited about having an extremely qualified digital marketer and agency owner (Rao) heading up Logical’s digital marketing. Additionally, we’ve added her staff of branding, creative, and content experts who have worked with some of Chicago’s biggest brands. 


Through both acquisitions, there was a tremendous opportunity to teach and develop new teammates, learn from new teammates, work on new accounts and integrate new services. With this one in particular, we will be expanding our creative and brand messaging service offerings to ultimately help grow our customer’s businesses. I am excited for this next step and the value that we will bring to the marketplace.

Logical Media Group, founded in 2006, is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Chicago, IL. Logical specializes in delivering clients exceptional digital marketing strategies across all paid channels, SEO, content marketing, ecommerce, business analytics, web design, branding, and creative capabilities. The company is forecasted to do $6M in revenue with 50+ team members in 2021.

Chris O'Neill

CEO at Logical Media Group