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How Email Marketing Automation through Workflows and List Segmentation Can Multiply Your Time

Is your email marketing strategy taking too much time away from what’s important, or is it empowering your team with the freedom to pursue additional goals? Utilize workflows and list segmentation automations in email marketing, as they will allow all parties to make time for what is most important. You can make the most of your team’s strengths, and you can also make a client relationship into more of a partnership through project-based communications and holistic strategies rather than getting into the minute details of every email.

Why Workflows Are Important

Workflows are set up with automatic triggers so your subscribers receive relevant information at the moment they are most likely to convert. This has numerous benefits for your email team as well as your clientele. One-off emails and email marketing campaign calendars are still vital in an overall successful strategy for email; however, implementing email marketing automation via workflows will allow your team to multiply their time in an effective manner.

Value of Workflows for Your Team

By setting up email marketing automations, you are giving your team more opportunities to work on other projects. Although creating the strategy for email automation workflows usually takes more time upfront, in the long run, workflows are worth the effort. Workflows are important for setting your team up for success in terms of carving out more time for email strategy development, and will also leave more time for creating, implementing, and brainstorming optimization opportunities for current workflows. Think about your team’s time and consider whether this direction could be beneficial for your goals.

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Value of Workflows for Your Clients

Not only does your team multiply their time through email automations, but your clients and  their customers always receive relevant information in a timely fashion. By creating workflows, clients can feel secure in knowing that the correct information, tailored to the appropriate audiences and proper segmentations, is being sent to customers and consumers at the right time. 

This can improve multiple email marketing KPI metrics like revenue, form submissions, and email engagement metrics that are necessary for tracking and analyzing success for your clients.

With email marketing workflows and automations, you can better understand your client’s customer-base. Although email workflows are not the be-all and end-all of getting to the psyche of the customer, workflows can target customers at specific parts of their customer journey. 

Because workflows utilize multiple emails, it is important to have the correct copy, enthralling CTAs, enticing imagery, and intriguing subject lines and preview lines so your workflow emails truly can be a set-it-and-forget-it system.

How Time Management Helps With Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Setting up elaborate workflows and audience segments takes time and effort, but the payoff is substantial. With the improved knowledge that the email platform API’s and the opportunities for programmed automation — the time saved through setting up workflows and automations have proven successful for even our most hesitant clients.

Additionally, through list segmentation automations, an email marketing professional does not have to worry about sending an email to the improper customer. The ability for multiple levels of filtering customers before being sent messages within workflows ensure that the emails are being sent to the correct subscriber with correct content and information. Once you have strategized, set up, and tested your workflows, your time can be spent furthering client strategies, analyzing targeted audiences, establishing new email campaigns, lead scoring, future list segmentation, and more.

Why You Need to Use Time Management to Your Advantage

When email marketers have the ability to multiply their time, it allows for growth for internal efficiencies, client opportunities, and further development of email marketing strategy. By setting up email marketing automation processes, email tasks that typically take up time will take less time, giving you the ability to focus on other valuable tasks like analysis and long term strategy. For instance, instead of compiling user emails for specific email campaigns or manually distributing lead scoring to users, you can set up an automation to do it for you.

Setting up email marketing automations allows for more accuracy and precision with your contact’s data. With the improved data, your email campaigns and email workflows can be optimized to better serve your email marketing subscribers and assist in achieving your business goals.

At first glance, it can seem like establishing workflows and automations within email marketing is daunting, but the time spent creating them will not be in vain. Logical Media Group’s email marketing team is here to assist your organization in planning workflows and implementing these efforts for you.