Roundup: The Top PPC Experts of 2019

It’s important for marketers to stay in the know with the latest PPC practices. While we can learn a lot directly from PPC platforms like Google, sometimes it’s best to see what our fellow PPC experts are saying about paid advertising.

After all, ad platforms aren’t going to reveal their tricks. We can get a little more information by asking the pros first.

PPC experts are passionate about all things paid advertising. Although PPC can get a little complex and dry at times, these experts sift through the jargon for you so you can get actionable insights.

Here are Logical Media Group’s top picks for the best PPC experts of 2019.

Our Top 8 PPC Experts of 2019

Gianluca Binelli
Company: Booster Box
Twitter: @ktzstyle

Former Googler Gianluca founded Booster Box out of his love for all things data. He’s based out of Italy and works with PPC clients across the world.

Gianluca has firsthand knowledge of Google’s ad platform: he worked on Adwords during his six-year tenure at Google. His clients often ask if they should set up competitor PPC campaigns. Is it a waste of money, or an often overlooked strategy?

“Don’t underestimate the value of launching competitor campaigns on search. These can be a powerful way of getting your ads in front of people who are on the cusp of making a purchase,” Gianluca says.

Andreas Reiffen
Company: Crealytics
Twitter: @AndreasReiffen

Every great PPC campaign starts with data. At least, that’s what Crealytics founder Andreas Reiffen believes. He says that marketers need to not only focus on data, but to watch how we attribute results to our data.

But it isn’t just about the attribution; it’s about taking action. Andreas once wrote, “I can say that any model is only as good as the action you are able to take based on its data. It’s essential that we create bidding systems that are able to ‘see’ the attributed values and base bid adjustments on them automatically.”

Christi Olson
Company: Microsoft
Twitter: @ChristiJOlson

Christi is the head of evangelism at Microsoft, where she spreads the good word about Bing Ads. You’ve probably seen her speaking at The American Marketing Association, AdWeek, PubCon, and more. Christi means business: she works with Fortune 500 companies regularly and manages over $100 million dollars’ worth of campaigns every year.

She loves PPC but acknowledges that it’s only one side of the puzzle. Christi writes, “Don’t miss out on the opportunities that arise when you combine paid search with your other marketing efforts. Paid search boosts the impact of other channels as well, including display and email.”

Aaron Levy
Company: Elite SEM
Twitter: @bigalittlea

In his client strategy role at Elite SEM, Aaron leads a team of PPC analysts across the northeast United States. Although Aaron works on paid media campaigns for Fortune 50 clients, he’s also proud to help cultivate the next generation of marketers.

Aaron believes that audience segmentation is the key to a strong PPC campaign. According to a piece he authored on Search Engine Land, “While I’m clearly a staunch advocate of segmentation, the fact of the matter is that it’s not an automatic choice. Device segmentation isn’t right for every single campaign, keyword or even website. That said, I strongly urge everyone to evaluate the pros and cons and figure if device-specific campaigns can help to benefit their accounts.”

Navah Hopkins
Company: WordStream
Twitter: @navahf

As part of Wordstream’s Customer Success team, Navah specializes in SEO and PPC for small and medium-sized companies. In her work, Navah trains SMBs to make the most of their advertising budgets, scaling PPC campaigns for growth. She believes in mentoring other marketers as well as small business owners as a way to give back to the field.

Navah doesn’t think advertising is going anywhere. She says true success lies in advertisers’ ability to connect with users. “With the rise of expanded text ads, customizers, and a plethora of qualifying extensions, ads can speak to the heart of user pain points, while still honoring brand voice.”

Susan Wenograd
Company: Aimclear
Twitter: @SusanEDub

You’ve probably seen Susan on outlets like Search Engine Journal, NPR, and Wired. As a VP of Marketing Strategy, she’s worked with big brands like General Motors, as well as small startups.

Susan specializes in paid search and social media. In her work, she knows how important data is to PPC campaigns. “It’s easy to get frustrated that the ‘how’ for getting insights has changed, but the ‘why’ will always remain the same: because marketing is about people.”

Purna Virji
Company: Microsoft
Twitter: @purnavirji

Purna trains Microsoft teams on Bing Ads. She’s a prolific speaker, journalist, and former CEO. If you want a glimpse into the PPC crystal ball, Purna is the expert. She specializes in up-and-coming trends in PPC.

People often ask Purna for a magic formula for writing great PPC ads. The key, she writes, is about delivering value.

“While creating memorable text ads might seem like a daunting task that requires a large dollop of luck, there are ways you can ‘formula-ize’ it: make it visual, make it valuable, make it personal.”

Amy Bishop
Company: Cultivative
Twitter: @Hoffman8

Amy Bishop specializes in all things multichannel. She works with both startups and Fortune 500 companies on lead generation strategies. Amy regularly speaks and presents on all things PPC, sharing the art of conversion-friendly campaigns.

Amy believes in taking a holistic approach to advertising. She once wrote, “Increasing your conversion rate can have an impact across multiple channels — not just search — so the impact can be disproportionately positive. If you can’t increase budget but need to scale, the best way to increase production is to focus on conversion rate.”

The Bottom Line

PPC changes fast. Stay on top of the latest PPC best practices by following the experts. If you’re looking for personalized guidance on your next PPC campaign, give Logical Media Group a call. Our PPC pros have the chops to get the campaign ROI you need.

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