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Facebook started the social media craze once it became the most popular social network in the world. But in the years since, competing social networks have brought a lot to the table, both for everyday users and brands. Savvy businesses use social networks to get a leg up on the competition—but just because a social network is available doesn’t mean you should invest in every platform.

Social media PPC is one of the most effective digital advertising platforms available to brands. But if you make one wrong move, you could be out thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. That’s why it’s critical to focus on ROI any time you create a social media PPC campaign. 

The Sticky Topic of ROI

Advertisers have to measure the ROI of their efforts. If you don’t measure your return on your investment, how can you know if you’re spending money wisely? At the end of the day, the best social media PPC campaigns should pay for themselves and then some. That’s what ROI is all about. 

While there’s value in metrics like impressions, clicks, and views, ROI gets at the heart of what every advertiser wants: cold, hard revenue. You’re advertising to get more customers and boost your business. With the right attribution in place, you can see exactly where your social media ads boost the bottom line and where they fall flat

When you plan your social media PPC based on ROI and not vanity metrics, you’ll:

  • Spend your time and money where it matters. 
  • Identify areas for improving your campaigns. 
  • Properly plan your PPC budget, spending exactly what you need. 

Social media PPC is about finding the path of least resistance. Don’t pump more time and money into LinkedIn if it isn’t working for you. Instead, follow the dollar signs and optimize where you’re doing well. 

The 6 Best Social Media Ads for ROI

But not all social media ads are ROI-friendly. Depending on your audience and campaign, you could waste hundreds of dollars on bad ad formats. When in doubt, stick to these 6 ad formats to generate more ROI.  

1. Facebook Collection and Instant Experience Ads

Facebook has nearly 2 billion users. This platform gives advertisers the ability to contact nearly anyone across the globe. With an average CPC of $0.72, Facebook has a lot of promise for advertisers who need a good return on ad spend. 

Facebook’s Collection Ads paired with Instant Experience Ads are a perfect way to immerse mobile users in a distraction-free environment. Showcase one hero image or video and display 4 products underneath it. A full-screen, mobile experience will open when users engage with your ad. 

We like this ad for ROI because Collection Ads minimize distractions, encourage product discovery, and encourage users to purchase. They’re perfect for retail or product-based businesses. 

2. Facebook Slideshow Ads

One of the most challenging aspects of PPC advertising is the creative. If you’re strapped for both time and funds, you don’t have the resources to create an eye-catching social media PPC campaign. If you’re in this boat, give Facebook Slideshow Ads a try. 

Slideshow Ads take your existing Facebook page photos, stock images, text inputs, and stock audio to create an engaging video ad. Combine 3-10 images to create a single video, which you can display via Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger Ads. It’s the fastest way to get a video ad up and running without expensive tools or hours of work. Because there’s no need to spend money or hours of time on the ad itself, you stand to see a better return on your investment, since you invested little into the ad itself in the first place. 

A Facebook page on a laptop

3. Instagram Shopping Ads

Instagram has over a billion active users. Many people use the visual platform to shop, too, which primes customers to conduct product discovery via Instagram. Consider using Instagram Shopping for your next campaign. 

Instagram Shopping isn’t actually a PPC feature, though. This is a new way to format your organic, product-focused content. However, you can integrate Instagram Shopping with an existing Instagram Ad, which boosts the efficacy and longevity of your organic product posts. When a user sees something they like, they can click on your ad and proceed to buy natively within the Instagram platform. 

4. LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads with Lead Gen

Need B2B leads? LinkedIn is the place to go for ROI. Sponsored Content can now be paired with a Lead Gen Form to turn more heads and generate more leads. For example, promote your latest white paper to your target demographic, like CFOs, on LinkedIn. When they see your ad, they’ll be able to natively enter their information with the press of a button, accessing your promoted content and sending their lead data right over to you. 

5. LinkedIn Message Ads 

But sometimes passive ads aren’t enough. That’s why we also recommend LinkedIn Message Ads, which are also referred to as Sponsored InMail. Send a personalized message to LinkedIn users regardless of whether you’re connected to them or not

This ad format cuts through the clutter and immediately captures leads’ attention. But make sure the message delivers value in a real, personalized way. If it reads like a billboard, users will ignore you. To get real ROI, remember to give value. Consider giving away a free resource or ask a question to get the conversation going. 

6. YouTube Non-Skippable Ads

Video is the future of advertising. If you’ve already invested in video ads, make sure you’re promoting them on YouTube. But YouTube offers a handful of ad formats; which ones should you choose? 

While they all have merit, the most promising format from an ROI perspective is YouTube’s Non-Skippable Ads. These ads can be 5-20 seconds long and users must watch them to see their content. It’s a little annoying from a UX perspective, but since users can’t skip this content, you can rest assured that they’ll see your ad in its entirety. 

But remember, your ad still needs to be engaging and entertaining; these users are on YouTube to have fun, after all. Keep things light and personable so it doesn’t feel like you’re holding users hostage with spammy video ads. 

The Bottom Line

Keep a close eye on the purse strings for any PPC campaign, especially for social media. While these 6 ad formats can help you generate more ROI, the best way to get a return on your ad spend is to monitor and iterate your campaigns. Adjust and experiment to fine-tune each campaign for more revenue. 

But if you’re new to the world of social media PPC or just want an outside perspective, give Logical Media Group a ring. We’ll pair you up with an experienced social media PPC pro to overhaul your campaign for real results.

Chris O'Neill

CEO at Logical Media Group