Whether you’re a student about to graduate from college or a seasoned employee thinking of making a career change, chances are, you’ve heard of or been influenced by digital marketing. We may be a bit biased, but we’re here to tell you why digital marketing is a good career!


If you’re completely new to the concept of digital marketing, that’s okay too. We’ll break it down for you.


Digital marketing is simply any marketing or advertising that takes place online. This includes anything from social media, to email newsletters, blogs, search engine marketing (SEO/SEM), and more. You know those ads that follow you around the internet that seem like they know the inner workings of your mind? That’s digital marketing, too.


In today’s day and age, digital marketing roles exist in almost every successful organization. In order for a brand to position itself in front of the eyes of its consumers, it must have an online presence. The great news is that there are many digital marketing tactics that can help brands reach a large audience. Someone who takes on a role in digital marketing won’t always be executing the same strategy, which makes each work day different and exciting.


Is digital marketing a good career choice? 

We certainly think so! Traditional marketing roles are increasingly shifting into digital roles and, therefore, the demand for tech and marketing-minded individuals is on the rise.


If marketing online to potential and loyal consumers is of interest to you, then digital marketing could be the right career path for you. Next, we’ll break down exactly what a digital marketer does so you can understand further why digital marketing is a good career for you.


Four Common Responsibilities of Digital Marketers

While digital marketers may not always be executing the same strategies, they are always working toward the same goal: to increase brand awareness, which ultimately leads to higher sales, website traffic, leads, etc. Listed below are four common responsibilities in the digital marketing field.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this role, a digital marketer works to make a brand’s website more visible and increase rankings in organic search engine results to increase “natural” (unpaid) traffic to the site. An SEO specialist will ensure that specific keywords for which people are searching, exist on the brand’s website on different pages or a blog. Essentially, this person positions a brand as the expert in their industry so it will be top-of-mind for consumers.


If you are looking for a career path to blend strategy and creativity with analytical and technical skills, SEO is a fantastic choice. It can even pIay a role in larger business decisions – if a brand is unsure of the success of a new idea, SEO can be used to help gauge interest among consumers. Learn how in one of our latest posts, How to Validate a Business Idea Using Digital Marketing


2. Content Marketing

A digital marketer responsible for content can take on anything from writing blogs, to case studies, whitepapers, and more, in order to help boost brand awareness. If you love to write, this is just one reason why digital marketing is a good career


But it’s not just written content; visual content such as infographics can be another fantastic content marketing tool for brands, so those interested in graphic design and photography may find a career path here, too! 


Best of all, content marketing fits hand-in-hand with many other digital marketing mediums, making it popular for many companies. Learn how digital marketers can use content marketing to boost blog performance and SEO with topical authority


3. Paid Search 

More interested in pure advertising? Like SEO, Paid Search (or PPC or SEM), is a channel intended to increase traffic to a website from search engines. The difference is that Paid Search marketers work with campaigns and budgets more than their organic counterparts, making the career path the perfect option for digital marketers looking to strike a balance between creativity and numbers and analytics. 


4. Social Media Marketing

If you’re social media-savvy, you will enjoy this role! From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, marketing on social media is key to a brand’s online success. If you’re interested in the analysis behind audience targeting but also love the more visual side to advertising, social media marketing may be a great option for you. 


Now that you understand how diverse a role in digital marketing is, do you see yourself pursuing a career in this field? Digital marketing works in any industry, for any business, so the outlook on digital marketing’s future is very bright.

Logical Media Group is made up of a team of diversely talented, dedicated individuals in the digital marketing field. We are happy to discuss your business needs and implement a tailored digital marketing strategy for your success. Contact us today, to learn more.

Chris O'Neill

Chris O'Neill

CEO at Logical Media Group