So, you’re thinking of pursuing a career in digital marketing? Awesome! You’ve come to the right place. Logical Media Group would not be where it is today without such a dedicated team of digital marketing experts working each and every day to improve and manage the paid media, SEO, web design, and digital advertising aspects of our clients’ businesses.

First thing’s first. You might be asking yourself how to get started in digital marketing. However, you should first research whether or not digital marketing is a good field to get into. Spoiler alert: it is.

Luckily for you, we’ve already broken down the common responsibilities of a digital marketer and what to consider before taking this career path, on our most recent blog.

If you’ve determined that digital marketing is indeed the right career path for you and you can’t wait to take that next step, we’re happy to provide you with some advice on where to start in your digital marketing career. Check out our tips, below.

Four Ways to Get Started in Digital Marketing 


1. Earn a Digital Marketing Degree

Back when we started 16 years ago, specialized digital marketing degrees were few and far between. Today, many two-year and four-year colleges and universities offer digital marketing majors and certification programs to give you just the boost you need to pursue a career in digital marketing.

This degree won’t pigeonhole you, either. When you earn a degree in digital marketing, it is possible to take on roles like:

  • Social Media Strategist
  • SEO/SEM Specialist
  • Brand Strategist
  • Blog Writer
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Content Marketing Strategist shares the 5 Best Digital Marketing Certifications to get started in digital marketing.


2. Build an Online Portfolio

Since digital marketing roles require you to possess both creative and technical skills, we recommend constructing your own website and regularly posting blogs, past work, and upcoming projects to showcase your skills.

A good digital marketer will be able to capture the level of their skills through the ease-of-use of their website as well as the intrigue of their content. Remember, while marketing is largely creative, there are objective technical best practices every digital marketer must know in order to provide premiere services for their clients.

By showing potential employers that you understand the basics of website management and SEO best practices, you will set yourself apart from the pack of applicants. If you want to practice marketing online for future clients, first frame your digital marketing journey in terms of how to get started in digital advertising for yourself.

Include the following elements on your online portfolio to get started:

  • Photo of yourself and your work
  • Resume/Experience
  • Personal Bio (make it unique!)
  • Writing Pieces
  • Career Goals


3. Start Small

The great thing about digital marketing is that it can (and should) be implemented for any existing business. As marketing shifts away from traditional mediums and toward digital platforms, it’s important to be aware of how different businesses take advantage of digital marketing.

We recommend starting small. Think of some of your favorite local businesses and simply, Google them. What search results show up? Are you able to find their website or social media pages? If not, this could be a good opportunity for you to get in touch with the business and offer your digital marketing services.

Another tip: don’t expect to be compensated. If you need to bolster your experience, take advantage of the opportunity to do so. Many local businesses don’t have the budget to take on an entire digital marketing strategy from the onstart. If you find work for a local coffee shop, maybe you can get a free cup of joe every once in a while. But, trust us. The experience will be priceless and you’ll learn a lot.


4. Apply for Digital Marketing Internships

Another surefire way to get started in digital marketing, is to apply for internships. Again, this might not be the most lucrative option right out of the gate, but we can’t stress enough just how important experience is.

Interns typically have their hands in many different areas of a business and this well-rounded experience will make you a great candidate for an entry-level position when the opportunity comes along. If you’re one of the lucky few to already have a digital marketing internship at a dynamic company, take advantage of the resources at your disposal by keeping these words of wisdom in mind:

  • Ask questions, daily. The more information you soak in, the better for your digital marketing career moving forward!
  • Be available. Always jump at the opportunity to help when someone asks.
  • Ask for recommendations. Assuming you’ve been a good intern, supervisors and colleagues should be willing to act as professional references for your future interviews.
  • Show enthusiasm! Digital marketing is an exciting field that is always changing. Show you’re up for the challenge by coming to work every day with a positive attitude!

Do you feel more confident about pursuing a career in digital marketing? We hope our advice will act as a great foundation to building your future, successful digital marketing career!

Have any questions for us about specific team roles or applying for a job/internship? Contact us, today!

Chris O'Neill

Chris O'Neill

CEO at Logical Media Group