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For B2B and B2C brands alike, the value of new content can be immeasurable. The more that search engines, especially Google, scour all of the information on the internet, the higher likelihood that your website will be found and given more favorable results if the content is richly informative, engaging, and helpful.

Here, we look at one such case of utilizing the value of new content for a Logical client, Fastline, a website that lists farming and tractor equipment for sale.

Why Use Content Marketing?

The “Content is King” phrase will be everlasting because it’s true. Google’s “all in” strategy on content has become increasingly obvious with the many updates that the company has rolled out over the past, especially, 12 months.

With content comes not solely user traffic to websites, including Fastline (in this case!), but also the perspective that expertise shines through. Google prioritizes content that portrays and showcases the pillars of E-E-A-T: expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness.

So, why use content marketing? Effectively explaining the industry that your organization is in, as well as any issues, problems, and nuggets of gold that might help users can only be a good thing. By highlighting areas of inquiry that are in line with the industry, company, or a related trending topic showcases the nuances of what is being written about. Furthermore, content marketing can assist in uncovering possible solutions to inquiries that were previously not addressed or considered.

Measuring Fastline's organic traffic metrics from blogs

The Proof of Investing in Content Marketing

For Fastline, E-E-A-T content is proven through blog pages that identify questions and specific queries that users are searching for. By investing in content marketing in this way, website users are able to understand the intent of the website in a way that is palatable and easy to understand. 

For instance, because Fastline is an equipment and parts listing website, users who may not be as familiar with the items that they are looking to purchase can be guided to informative pieces that lay bare the 

information that is being sought. 

What worked for Fastline was, not simply the creation of a blog and letting it sit stagnant; Fastline saw the success of the value of new content over the course of multiple months. 

Although not necessarily a one-to-one relationship — albeit, in Fastline’s case it is, and usually in many others — it is likely that the more informative and helpful content that a website has, the more traffic it will generate, the more likely the visibility of the site will increase, and the more organic keywords will gain traction.

As seen below, thanks to investing in content marketing as a digital tactic to reach new and current customers, Fastline saw great success in its SEO strategy.

If you’re seeking out success in content marketing, get in touch with us to chat about how your SEO and content goals can be met (and exceeded) from our SEO Team.

Case Study information regarding the value of new content and its impact on keywords