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Running a business, and a successful business at that, is no walk in the park. It takes determination, understanding your customers, effective leadership, and a highly collaborative team that specializes in different service areas (i.e. marketing, human resources, business development, finance, design, account management, etc.).

One service area that every business should be proactively implementing is SEO. If you’re currently lacking in the digital marketing department, you’re not alone. Many organizations outsource their SEO work so that they can focus on growing other areas of their business. 

Whether your business needs to increase brand awareness or a new website or service requires some foundational SEO work, we have advice for hiring an SEO expert and finding a technical partner with the right skillset to give your brand a much needed boost. We have the questions (and the reasoning behind the questions!) for you to utilize as you maneuver the SEO landscape.

10 Questions to Ask an SEO Company

1. Can you provide case studies/examples of past clients you’ve assisted with SEO?

The proof is in the pudding, right? Before you jump into a working relationship with an SEO agency, it is important to make sure they are credible and have executed successful campaigns for clients in the past. What’s more, it is also important to understand if they have incorporated SEO tactics alongside other channel tactics, such as Paid Search or Email Marketing.

Many experienced agencies will be able to provide case studies of their work, detailing the strategies they implemented for the client and why, and the end results. This information will make you feel comfortable moving forward with hiring an SEO expert.

2. What is your typical approach for improving search rankings?

Of course every client has different needs. Make sure the SEO agency doesn’t offer you a blanket statement to answer this question. If they are a credible agency, they will have already done the research on your business and your industry, and be able to recommend specific KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure your campaign’s success.

3. How does your team stay updated on the latest SEO trends/tools?

Like most aspects of the digital marketing industry, SEO tools and trends are always changing and growing. It is important that the SEO agency you’re interviewing prioritizes internal growth so that its team is always offering you the most up-to-date solutions and the most efficient processes.

Here at Logical, our SEO Team enjoys digging deep into different platforms and tools (two, for instance, are SEMRush and Google Search Console, amongst many other favorites), in addition to reading up on news and the latest technology updates.

4. What recommendations/opportunities for growth do you suggest upon reviewing our current site?

How to find a good SEO consultant depends on how much effort they’ve put into their research of your business and industry. If the agency wants to land your business, they must present several specific recommendations that address your needs. It would be a bonus if the SEO agency has experience in your industry and seems to personally connect with your brand.

If you’d like to validate a specific business idea with the SEO agency, check out some of our recommendations for doing so.

5. How does your team go about conducting keyword research?

Another very telling question to ask an SEO company is, “how does your team conduct keyword research?” This process is integral to SEO and the answer will be a great indicator of the firm’s priorities, organizational skills, and thoroughness. 

You can get specific with this question too, and ask which tools the agency uses to compile keyword lists; what do they use to organize the list; and what is the review process? A successful SEO consultant should have a tried and true method for every step of the way.

Due to the nature of keyword research and the evolution of SEO, here at Logical, we appreciate and look to the client and their target audience. Where are the website users in the marketing funnel and how do the selected keywords from keyword research impact not just the organization, but also the users and the end result? 

When you’re looking to hire an SEO expert, notice if there is incorporation of a holistic perspective.

6. How many SEO team members will we be working with directly?

Clients want to feel like they are a top priority to their SEO agency. Understanding each team member’s role and getting to know them a bit before starting a work relationship can make you and your team feel comfortable moving forward. Putting a face to a name is just one personal touch an SEO agency can offer.

7. How do you best communicate with clients and how often?

The SEO agency you click with may not necessarily be local to your business. It’s very important to discuss the best days and times for check-in meetings and the best ways for doing so. All businesses have had to adjust to a virtual model since the pandemic hit in 2020, so there should be no excuse for lack of communication!

8. What are your SEO service fees and how much should we additionally budget for running search campaigns?

For the benefit of your business and the SEO agency, transparency in cost is a must. You’ll want to make sure your business can afford outsourcing SEO work as well as budgeting for conducting actual search campaigns. According to KnowMad, the typical investment for monthly SEO retainers is anywhere from $750 – $5,000+.

This, of course, depends on the size of your business and the specific services you are looking for, whether that includes SEO-focused content, conversion rate optimization, or a more technical SEO project scope.

When hiring an SEO expert, ask for a detailed, itemized proposal and invoice so you can see exactly where and how your money is being spent.

9. Are any members of your team SEO-certified?

In order to show their commitment to continuously improving SEO practices, many agencies encourage their team members to become SEO-certified. This simply means that an SEO expert has taken the time to complete a course in understanding SEO, how to utilize different tactics, and make the most out of optimizing brand awareness for clients. If team members of the SEO agency are certified, it is just one extra bonus in realizing the dedication applied to your client-agency relationship.

Are you wondering what is out there for possible SEO agency partners and team members to acquire? Here are  more about some of the best digital marketing certificates out there.

10. What is your timeline for success?

It is important to determine a timeline for success with the SEO agency. The agency may not be able to guarantee results in a one-month period, but they can offer several ways to measure growth and KPIs within several months and up to one year and beyond. Certain strategies take time to develop but clear communication between you and the agency can keep your SEO on track and moving forward toward set goals and objectives!

At Logical Media Group, we prioritize every aspect of our clients’ digital marketing needs. Our most valuable asset is our team of passionate, diverse, and skilled individuals who come together to ensure your success. Get in touch with us by filling out a form, calling, or emailing , to learn more about how we can help your business’ SEO efforts.